Book Review: Drunk

When Bikozulu announced he had finally written a small book , I was ready to buy having religiously  read  his weekly  blog from the day I discovered it a few years ago.  The title could use a lesson on subtlety and the time it took me to comb through the 167 pages of this story I was thinking, “This is how you write the warning; Excessive consumption of alcohol can be harmful to your health”

Larry is a drunk. He didn’t start out that way but when he did, he never stopped. He is a lost cause unable to free himself from the disease of alcoholism.

Although he won’t admit it, having an absentee father is what screws him to the point of addiction or maybe it is having an absentee father and being subjected corporate slavery. Alcohol takes Larry to places where bad decisions are incubated and accelerated. Neither love nor prayers can cure him.

Despite the drinking and the chaos it is hard not to sympathize with Larry and as the pages reduced I was anxiously waiting for his story to have a happy ending. Also I don’t know that there is a place happier than being pushed in a wheel barrow.

Drunk was so many firsts for me.  First time I paid for anything in Kenya Shillings. First time I used MPESA to pay for anything and now first book review in 2018 and it was worth it. Now onto my favorite lines .

  1. “It was strange to see tomatoes in my fridge. That’s how I knew I was in a relationship”.
  2. “People love it when you remember mundane things about them or about their equally mundane lives, but most importantly, people love to hear their names and to know that you didn’t forget them.
  3. “I didn’t want to die in a suit. I thought you went to the top floor and you died in your suit.”
  4. “He was a collector of swords, Lance. That’s what money does to you. You start collecting weird things or going for horse derbies or dog shows. Or getting curious about butterflies.” (This one had me wondering what happened to the goat race in Uganda.)
  5. “Yeah 35 years old and boom your heart falls in your shoes and suddenly you are called, “the body”.
  6. “Have you ever looked at yourself and thought how unhappy you seem?”
  7. “Ringtones are wasted on his phone, like music in a morgue.”
  8. We usually don’t say that we love each other but hearing it gives me such comfort and assurance that I momentarily feel a grain of courage creep in my heart.”

Sharing more than these would be spoiling. Have you read the book? I am not sure the author needs the money but if you like stories like me. Hilariously packaged stories with some depth you should get yourself a copy by emailing, it will be worth every cent.



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