The Story of Frankie- The Law, Philosophy & Eggs.

Graduation is looming.

Mother’s dress is picked out and she finally wrote that cheque or check to get my dresses.

I had a brilliant idea of sharing my story of law school.

Then it occurred to me that sharing my friends’ stories is an even more brilliant idea.

I asked, many agreed, few proceeded to write and even fewer were chosen.

So for the next few days leading up to 7th July, I will be sharing their stories.

Why their stories?

The idea was to capture the journey of a few of us in law school and publish it on my blog.

It was inspired by the conversations I had throughout our last semester, which for some reason felt very weird

A lot of my friends  did not consider it  an achievement to have finished this chapter of their lives  especially  because  of the horror stories we have had over the years about  the bar course, that is if you even pass the pre-entry exam to get in.

I wanted to change that, maybe just to have company in the “excitement lane” or to have content for my blog. The plan was to challenge them to count their blessings and what better way than writing about the journey, the milestones, low moments, lessons and everything in between.

This is Franklin’s story.

Meet Franklin.The Ultimate Ninja. King of sarcasm.Owner of colorful notebooks and cool T-shirts. Subjected me to a lot of CNN and Discovery Channel. Never says no to a discussion or food or both. Hates exaggerations or just doesn’t get hyperbole. He eats food for hours even days. He is a techie. Had no business in the law class. He writes dramatically.


I really can’t figure out whether it’s been a short time or a long time.

Mostly because my feelings about this law school experience have been rather mixed. The journey started in September 2013. Year after year, different challenges were thrown at us. The complexities of the law were becoming even more complex. Time and again, we were forced to confront the hero (or heroine) within. We constantly had to redefine ourselves, our approaches and our methods. It seemed daunting at first, but we’ve walked the distance and boy did we take those steps, all the way to the finish line!

Now one might wonder, was it bad? Are we just whining? The answer to that can only be based on individual assessment. I’m sure Komusana had a ‘terrifyingly” different experience from mine. But the ultimate question to be asked, I think, is whether it all mattered to us? What lessons did we take from all this?

Personally, law school taught me a significant lesson, growth. Throughout, I have constantly had to face challenges that required me to be better than I was yesterday and I grew from that struggle.

The laws. So many laws. Acts, cases, doctrines, common law. So much stuff. It’s through examination of all this that I came to a simple conclusion, life is complex yet simple. Viewed from the top, life is nothing more than humans trying to create better for themselves. “Lift that veil’ up and you’ll uncover a complexity of systems, each designed to work with the next but also working with the previous one and the others beside it. The law is like that. It is one endless web of intertwined threads some overlapping the others. Messy as it sounds, the law is beautiful. It allows you get a deeper perspective on things, creates a more mature approach to problem solving.


One attribute I’ve come to really appreciate from my law school experience is friendship. The point of law school for me, partly was to make as many friends as I could. A feat that I can say I really did try to accomplish. The beauty about friends is that they teach you how to appreciate life. The different points of view everyone advances creates one holistic picture that is, quite honestly, a masterpiece.

In four years, I have really come to appreciate the sense of community that friendship brings the togetherness, corporation and not to brag, meat! Just ask Komusana. We have eaten meat.


7:48 PM. I am seated on my bed and I feel hungry. I get up, pick a few things and make “the journey”.

This is perhaps one of the most significant journeys in my life. Now I wouldn’t want to call it a pilgrimage or even liken it to one. Nonetheless, if you, the reader, were to call it that, I certainly wouldn’t stop you. This journey starts with a single step.

Lao Tzu said it best when he said, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” But make no mistake, this is no “journey of a thousand miles”. Not even close! This is a journey of less than even one mile. It’s one of a few hundred met. Its significance on the other hand is nothing to be under estimated. This is the journey for the, rollecks (also spelt as rollex, rollezx, rolex depending on who’s stall you’re buying it from.)

The rollecks has been a savior for many campus students for a long time. (This might be a bit of an exaggeration considering that it probably popped up in the mid 2000’s.) The point is – it is a pretty damn important meal. One’s sacrosanct nature was unknown to me until law school. It’s a very simple transaction, you offer the “rollecks guy” money and in turn he beats up two eggs, slices the tomatoes and green paper, dices a few onions, grates a clove of garlic, whisks the mixture, pours onto his frying pan that is already shimmering with a few grams of cooking oil and voila! Fries the eggs. He gets a chapatti or two, places them on top of the omelet and there you have it. Your own standard Rollecks.

Each bite tells a story. It defines who you are as a person in that moment. It is that central connection you have to the food that makes you believe in the impossible. A rollecks represents hope. A combination of two utterly distinct foods to come up with one awesome “meal”. To me, a rollecks was never a snack.  It represented, and still does, an aspiration. It’s a cultural unification, a food that can be eaten by friend and foe alike. You can disagree on how to govern the country, but do it on a full stomach please. That’s the story a rollecks tells. A story that was never clear to me until law school.  Alright, let me go and get myself a rollecks.

By the way have you ever wondered what the plural of a rollecks is? To be safe, just be hip and call it a rolla.


I appreciate every bit of my law school experience. The deep, the not so deep and the plain shallow. All these picturesque experiences have been amazing. I can’t pick out a favorite but I can say, the final script has been incredible. Has it prepared me for the future, I believe so. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Well, except for a million dollars, or two or three or… you get the point.



  1. Liz Achola

    Wow.. I didn’t even know rolex had other spellings…. This guy knows way too much abt this campus food… He shd invest in a stall or sumn at some point in life…

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