The Story of Akitwi

Meet Akitwi. The photographer. Owner of the selfie stick and collector of buyers of drinks. 6

Graduation is looming.

Mother’s dress is picked out while mine is waiting for mother’s cheque or check to be written.

Writing and I are estranged.

I had a brilliant idea of sharing my story of law school.

Then it occurred to me that sharing my friends’ stories is an even more brilliant idea.

I asked, many agreed, few proceeded to write and even fewer were chosen.

So for the next few weeks leading up to 7th July, I will be sharing their stories.

Why their stories?

The idea was to capture the journey of a few of us in law school and publish it on my blog.

It was inspired by the conversations I had throughout our last semester, which for some reason felt very weird

A lot of my friends  did not consider it  an achievement to have finished this chapter of their lives  especially  because  of the horror stories we have had over the years about  the bar course, that is if you even pass the pre-entry exam to get in.

I wanted to change that, maybe just to have company in the “excitement lane” or to have content for my blog. The plan was to challenge them to count their blessings and what better way than writing about the journey, the milestones, low moments, lessons and everything in between.

This is Sammy’s story. 

I was seated in the comfort of my father’s house after receiving my amazing A-level results, without any law school plans. 

Mass communication or Human Resource Management at preferably Makerere University Business School were on top of my list of choices. 

My father in a dream shattering twist, shocked me when he asked (not requested) that I go and apply to study law at both Makerere and UCU.  I had so many questions like, 

“Did I secretly tell anyone that I wanted to become a lawyer?” 

“Do I have I choice in the matter?” 

Obviously I had no choice in the matter, the rest, I have reduced into this story.

On my first day of law school I had no idea where my class was located because I was too cool for the orientation situation that had happened the previous week. 

My source of directions was my dear friend Atim and she trusted her way around campus as far as she could throw it. She even had no idea we were in the same stream.
When I finally found the class, oh my, I had never seen so many people in one class my entire life. The class was to full capacity and I learnt later that, that wasn’t even the entire class.

I looked around and I couldn’t find a free seat and decided it was a good time to go have my ID picture taken and proceed to chill in my friend’s room.

My biggest highlight was getting done with law school plus of course the squad.  The bond with these girls is divine .We fight, love each other and above all pray, pray and prayyyyyyyy for and with each other.

  Also somewhere along the way I may have developed some positive feelings for both law school and UCU. That’s a highlight in its own right

The last four years in law school have been the toughest I have faced in my life so far. I had to learn to make some pretty difficult decisions and I also made so many mistakes from which I picked great lessons. 

I have also met some pretty incredible people and I am grateful for all of it. The good, the bad the ugly, the epic wins and the epic fails. All of it has had an impact on me and my perspective on life.

Do I have any regrets?

 Hmmmmm…Thinking through it, naaahhh I have no regrets, I am honestly glad everything happened the way it happened at the time it happened. 

Would I do anything differently? 

Yes if I had the power to go back in time, I would get different results. Probably a 1st class.

For someone who never dreamt of being a lawyer, it’s interesting that as I went through law school, I discovered that this is kind of my calling. Everything feels like it was meant to be. Something is so truthful about us making our plans and God laughing.

Advice to my younger self in September 2013.

“Law school is where you are supposed to be little girl and better EXCEL at it”

Plans after school.

Work, Work, Work Work, Work.

Get superrrrrr richhhhhh

Get married to an amazing man and have kids who look exactly like me.

That’s my story. What’s yours? 

Was finishing school everything you hoped for and more? 


  1. Dee Gash

    wow, I have enjoyed reading this. Sammy you might not have made to the mass communication classroom but you can still thrive as a writer because there’s definitely one in you, a great one at that. I can totally relate to your story in every way, girrrrrlllll let’s go eat some chicken and talk about our lives, very different and yet similar in a way. The advise you gave your younger self in 2013 had me laughing. But hey, I guess, I’d say the same to myself like this, “Journalism school is where you are supposed to be little girl, excel at it” haha. And if I went back in time, I’d still choose the path am on as opposed to the journey of law school that I thought was meant for me.

    Oh well, Sammy, you get to live my dream, I get to live yours but both our journey’s are intertwined in a way….time will tell. Who knows, I might pursue a masters degree in Media law ans get the law side of it and you might be one of the next best writer’s of the world. Let’s make our plans and have God laughing but in the end it all works out for our good. Okay byeeee…. thanks Komusana for this brilliant idea, I love reading people’s stories…we all have a story to tell. Some day, I shall share mine.

    p.s. Samalie and I went to the same primary school and we were best friends (look at me hijacking your post sammy, byeeee)

    1. Post

      Thank you for reading Palito.
      I love telling people’s stories as much as you love reading them.
      I know for sure that you were waiting for this particular story.
      Don’t forget to invite me when y’all bffs take each other out.
      I will not be the one paying.

      1. Post
  2. Summerlee

    Hihihi yessssss Pearly we should have this conversation over pizza or ice cream or something n Phiona if you join in, yo footing the bill😁😁😁 otw thanks for this Phiphi…..this is nice

  3. AtimMercy

    Aakkkiittwwiiiiii…. See her slaying the writing thing!. Come we be bloggers together. I’ve enjoyed reading your story, but it ended too quickly. *covers face*. Me I was still enjoying it and it just ended….both you and jakisa talked ka little. Now I’m fearing for the day my story is coming because I feel like I was over talking and saying unnecessary things in my own story.😂😂😂. Anyway, what does your post do to me? It brings back MEMORIES. Very fond ones. That first day I felt like the boss and took you to OV, not knowing I was in that stream too. 😂😂😂. I remember pushing you to take your ID picture…ggiiirll memories. About getting first class if you went back, I feel the same way. I would show law school what I got.😂😂 Someone told me that one thing she learned about CPA is that many people can’t excel at it unless they first go through it and not excel, then they learn to excel…. That’s exactly how I feel about law school. If I went back with what I know now, excellence!…. Great story.
    And Fionah, as usual, thanks for sharing.❤❤

  4. Summerlee

    Hahahahha Atim I can’t wait for yo story please……Hehehe Pearly you have a new friend already, Atim you could come n we make this Pearl and you bond tighter over Javas lunch but you paying😂😂😁😁

  5. Liz Achola

    I can relate to the shock u had wen u first saw the no of people in ur class…. For me it was during the Constitutional History class.. I only managed to gt a seat cz an ob had secured t fr me… Otw kewl story gal.

    1. Post
  6. Hope Jakisa

    Awesome story Akitwi. Speaking of memories… I remember in first year how Samalie used to brag about being an air hostress after fourth year😂😂😂 and four years down the road we have you enjoying yourself in the legal stuff. Congratulations dearest laughing machine.

  7. Summerlee

    Hahahaha Jakisa please I can still be an air hostess but my dreams are now way bigger than that so allow me glow in this new found love for law Hihihi

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