The Story of Hopeness

Graduation is looming.

Mother’s dress is picked out while mine is waiting for mother’s cheque or check to be written.

Writing and I are estranged.

I had a brilliant idea of sharing my story of law school.

Then it occurred to me that sharing my friends’ stories is an even more brilliant idea.

I asked, many agreed, few proceeded to write and even fewer were chosen.

So for the next few weeks leading up to 7th July, I will be sharing their stories.

Why their stories?

The idea was to capture the journey of a few of us in law school and publish it on my blog.

It was inspired by the conversations I had throughout our last semester, which for some reason felt very weird

A lot of my friends  did not consider it  an achievement to have finished this chapter of their lives  especially  because  of the horror stories we have had over the years about  the bar course, that is if you even pass the pre-entry exam to get in.

I wanted to change that, maybe just to have company in the “excitement lane” or to have content for my blog. The plan was to challenge them to count their blessings and what better way than writing about the journey, the milestones, low moments, lessons and everything in between.

Today meet:


Hope a.k.a Hopeness.ak.a the designated driver


I started law school in 2013 with absolutely no  idea  what I had signed up for.

I had heard all these statements like, “Law is very hard” but well every stage of education was  usually hard or at least we were told.

From primary school to high school,  we were always  threatened about how school is hard yet we still made it so  I thought the same approach would apply to law school.

My mum also known as, “super believer in my unknown abilities”  steered me towards joining law school. She used every opportunity to remind me that I would survive it. Clearly, “mama is always right”.

I got into law school, clueless but I studied anyway.  It helped to have had a wonderful roommate who is now one of my very good friends Darlington  Mercy.  She’s those people who plan their things three months earlier and unlike me, law school had been her dream. (Her story is coming soon)



First year was really sent to shock me as well as the people in my life.

First forward to 2017, four years down that road. Law school has shaped me into someone with direction.

All the  assignments, extra years, studying laws or cramming them only to find they were repealed at night as you slept, lecturers  failing to show up the whole semester but setting the exam and marking it (hello international law 1 and 2)  have been a trail of lessons leading to the person I am today  and I am thankful;

I met wonderful people like Komusana. I met these people who have added spice to my life.


I’m grateful for the stress-fully  long lectures sometimes starting at 7am and ending at 8pm.

I’m grateful for the Latin expressions we learn’t or didn’t learn.

I’m grateful for the torture law school put me through and I’m not even exaggerating because in our first year the lecturer gave us coursework for a course unit taught in third year and believe me we figured it out.

I’m grateful for growth and on 7th July, adorned in my new dress and shoes in the company of these crazy human beings we are going to celebrate.

This should give you a clue about how much fun we intend to have on graduation.

That is my story, what’s yours? Was finishing school everything you hoped for and more?


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  1. AtimMercy

    “… I got into Law school clueless but I studied anyway….” That’s my most relatable part of your story, Hope. And I’m glad I met you too…. Typical of our African mothers, they sat down alone and decided we should be friends and even roommates.😂😂 Reading this has taken me back to the first time I met you to borrow your aptitude text book to study for law school pre entry.😂😂😂. I didn’t even open a page. Hahahaha. But you can lend it to me again for LDC pre entry. This time I’ll read it.😂. Anyway, how has finishing school been? Well… I still low-key feel like I haven’t yet finished school…you know with LDC in a few months, intentions to do further studies…I still feel like I have a bit more of schooling to do. So the “finished school” feeling hasnt really set in yet. Otherwise, lovely story.

    1. Hope Jakisa

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂you didn’t read it and yet you gave it back to me like every thing was in your head.😂😂😂 I’m glad I met you too. Thank you for the read. We are celebrating the first finish 😂😂😂if you hadn’t finished this level you wouldn’t be reading for Pre-entry. Thank you for commenting hun

  2. Dee Gash

    wow, this is a great read… my dear Hope and all my law school friends, i’m sending you big hugs. And i know you’re all dreading the next phases but they shall pass just like law school has… just make the most of it. And yes celebrate every moment especially 7th july, it’s a milestone worth celebrating and enjoying it every bit of the way is a cute and polite way of saying “THANK YOU LORD”…. am thinking about Sinach’s song “counting my blessings” and yes we danced to it’s beats all through grad time till this day.
    Finishing school was sooooo exciting, my gosh, I could barely sleep and I didn’t know how best to thank God, i literally wished i’d teleport to Heaven just to hug him (I should write about this some time soon). Anyway all in all, graduating was one of the best days of my life, very significant. All the best my dears in the bar course…. and yay, am excited to read about all you journeys. Thanks Komusana for sharing these stories, you’re awesam…okay bye…

  3. Liz Achola

    Hope AM. Also thankful for the rough n tough times law xul took us thru.. Pardon my short forms buh AM on limited data and no time to waste typing the whole sentence in its propriety.. (dont think thats correct buh u gt what I mean)
    Good good read…

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