Of April Plans 

Ladies and gentlemen I was bitten by a bug named, laziness. However somewhere between naps and procrastination the good Lord has led us to the month of April. Luckily I jumped off the bus, of New Year’s resolutions years ago, otherwise I would be drenched in disappointment.

Every day I wake up tired from all the nothing I did the day before. But you know what they say, the first step to dealing with your laziness is to write about it”. Which is how we ended up here.

Also congratulations to me, I turn a year older this month, precisely on the 15th. I have been trying not to be in competition with my 2016 self because while last year around my birthday I was standing at a Let Girls Learn event being addressed by Mitchell Obama, this year I will be reading for a Human Rights Law exam I have on the 18th . Talk about evolution, going places and coming full circle!

Otherwise, how are you doing? Did anyone successfully fool you today? Any ideas on what this post should be about?

I don’t know about you, but days leading up to my birthday, are usually very awkward for. I start analyzing or profiling myself in search of something I don’t have a name for yet. It’s a very weird time to be alive. This year is even weirder because, school is finally getting out of my way, and my life is screaming at me for a concrete plan. (Side Bar: Do you know anyone who maybe needing to hire a really good law degree for a few months? Send me their contact)

It’s very tumultuous in my head lately, which maybe can explain my exhaustion and investment in naps in order to avoid the unanswered questions both  from within and without. The more chaotic, I have let it get in an effort to get answers, the harder it has been to get any work done or be productive, and yet the Lord has been gracious enough to hand me a job in the recent past. So of course there is a teachable moment.

Its chaotic everywhere. Before I joined law school I thought economics is the hardest subject in the world( don’t judge me because I eventually got an A ),then I met equity and trusts and its cousin jurisprudence in my second year and all of a sudden I missed economics. The point is whatever happens to us, we are equipped for it, or at least I have learned in the last year that I am. It’s easier to get caught up in planning for after school life than it is to actually read for the final exams, but there is also no magic wand to get me to the future before dealing with the present. There is no cure for this self-imposed anxiety except maybe a prayer or six.

So April here is the plan.

  1. Prepare for those exams like Mother Dearest’s life and graduation dress depend on it. (Pretty ironic considering I left my room to go to the library and read but ended up doing this, but baby steps.)
  2. Spend every day grateful that I will see another 15th April, alive, well and healthy.
  3. Avoid all temptation to take stock of my life.
  4. Stay away from my phone during the  Easter weekend, because missing #KoiKoi South West is going to cut really deep.

PS: Happy New Month and I love you for reading.

Birthday gifts for me are highly recommended for an even better month.




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  1. Lulugates

    First off, i really like the way you put your thoughts in to writing. Also I have been stalking you for the last three weeks and i still haven’t finished reading all your posts but its my April mission. When I start reading your page I just can’t stop….keep writing and some day I shall stalk you in real life haha. Success in your finals, you’ll nail it giiirrrlllll…. send huge success hugs to Samalie, Maria n Atim (I am about this stalking life-haha) ok byeeeeeee

    1. Post

      Thank you Pearl.
      Awwwww this is one of the sweetest things anyone has said about my blog.
      I appreciate the stalking
      Let me go reciprocate the same for your blog.
      Send us your prayers for these exams looks like we are tired even before we start.
      Thank you again and happy stalking.
      Looking forward to all your feedback on my loud observations.
      Anyone told you happy new month?

      1. Lulugates

        P.s…my blog is really rusty (hides face) just tryna get it together haha…..but for real,your blog keeps me going (current muse )….about exams bambi don’t worry,you are going to do great n law school will be out of the way or still continuing bt it will be beautiful,i hv faith on ur behalf

  2. AtimMercy

    . that laziness bug seems to be biting far and wide.. aanndd… anoTher of yoUr Plans is To execUTe The birThday Plans yoU have wiTh me. i see yo convenienTly forgoT ThaT.

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