AkaDope #HerTale

Where is  the fun in going to an event if, I don’t get to review it? 

I am always looking out for the next plot in town, probably like a lot of people in my bubble effect generation. 

AkaDope happened to be where I found myself last night. It has  been going on ,every first Friday of the last few months, but this one was my first, and rumor has it that you never forget your first.

If I had to review it in one word I would unauthentically  say ‘Dope’, but one of the reasons I started blogging is because it’s really impossible for me to say anything in one, two or even 140 characters, I am wordy like that, so let’s get to it.

I found  out about it while bringing my sacrifice to the gods of technology on twitter. I resisted all the fear of missing out until I figured there was no medal for not going . It helped that this particular show was dedicated to women because well 8th March is looming.

I hope not to turn this into a narrative.

The first moments, felt like your friendly neighborhood band on a Friday night. The female vocalist Essy was absolutely nailing it especially with my favorite song by  Goodlyfe,  “Neera Neera” (gets me all the time). 

She really sounds great. A reminder that maybe people should follow their passion more often, it’s a beautiful thing to watch people share what they are passionate about.

Before long we met our host, who first broke into a monologue of his childhood all to let us know that his mother is the most important woman in his life, yeeyi him. 

He was really trying to drive the point that the show was about us the female species home and we can’t be ungrateful about that. 

Somewhere between sipping my cup of tea, chatting loudly with my group of friends and trying my very best not to look at my phone which was at 46% battery, the night turned into such a beauty, with a few magical moments. 

The musicians, all female were phenomenal, a reiteration that this pearl of Africa is dripping with talent of all sizes and shapes. There was a bit of spoken word too, one done with a cat in the performer’s pocket, but we shall not delve into my opinion about that. Zoey the story teller took the time to conduct sex education in a heap of hilarious euphemisms.

You can tell that a lot of work went into putting the show together and hard work needs to be appreciated. (Insert clapping emoji)

You can also tell that the crowd is around more to be away from life as they know it and less for the thrill of artistic expression except when someone with a bit of skill in crowd pulling is on stage.

You can also tell that no one is really paying attention to the artist’s stories because  our phones are charged and whatsapp statuses must be updated.

You can also tell that there are  enough cameras to start a small camera business.

You can also tell that the sound is not on its best behavior but those glitches are not ruining anyone’s party.

More importantly you can tell, that it’s a really great place to be at the beginning of the month and that you can’t divorce  a good  Ugandan from a really good accent, when graced with an audience.

I had a great time, and since we are celebrating the woman’s hustle this month, thanks to the folks of Uganda Blogging Community, every female who rocks high heels especially those who take it a notch higher and  dance in them, you have,  my utmost respect.

Maybe we should do this again next month.


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  1. Joel Jemba

    I knew this review was coming up and you didn’t disappoint! First and foremost you are officially a life eater; Certified and verified and this title can’t be refused or denied by the receiver. So receive it with thanks, because it comes from a Retired Major Life Eater *winks*. Attending events and reviewing them is the way to go girl! I am proud of you!

  2. Byagaba Roland

    *mschheewws in the general direction of bosses who pay late and sabotage attendance of such nicely reviewed proggie.

    I wonder though, what are those offering you take to twirrer?

    1. Post

      Hahaha yes we hate your bosses
      Thank you for reading, and leaving a mark.
      I think it maybe happening again in April, see you there?

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