Her Tale

I updated my word press app the other day, and the most outstanding new feature is a constant reminder of how many drafts I have saved.

 A nudging notification of all the unfinished pieces of work, most of which I lost the train of thought, some I cannot even remember what inspired them while others are just titles of what I thought in the moment would make for a good write up. It’s interesting how much starting I did.

Every month, I psyche myself with a great number of goals, mostly writing ones, and every end of month I promise to do better next time. 

 In this month of March, Uganda Blogging Community, is prompting us to write. 

The minute I saw the poster, like most things in my life, I got very excited and in my head, I could see words come together to form paragraphs and full blown stories only to start and end up with my first draft of March.

I  have no plan at all on how to get myself out of this very unwelcome phase in of my life, where I am completely out of touch with my voice. I can blame a few things like school and how my dissertation supervisor doesn’t share my view, of how awesome a human being I am but  I don’t want to be petty. 

 The heart and fingers are  willing but the mind is not sharing in the prompting of the  of  the new month.

So like you, I am wondering what I am actually doing here, except whine, but I figured, I might as well pass by and ask how you are doing and maybe your colorful lives can shade some light into mine.

“Being a person is difficult sometimes”,  one quote said on Facebook.

The first time I saw it, my reaction was, “wow, whoever came up with this is really dramatic”, but it made sense to me recently. 

Like a lot of people I spend a lot of time staring at my phone ,( I tried the whole social media fast thing  and Jesus and I agreed that it was not for me) sometimes with pleasure and  others with pain. Everyone seems to be  selling something and the confusion on what to buy is of incurable proportions.

The the stuff that appear on my phone seem to suggest that, 

If you have an opinion, please go ahead and give it, as long as you can also keep it to yourself.

Tell your story but don’t and I repeat DO NOT overshare.

If you are girl, your nudity is your power but beauty is also who you are on the inside.

If you are a boy, be a man but also men are trash.

I had a longer list of these things but they disappeared somewhere between trying to make sure I put my point across and ensuring that I don’t rub anyone the wrong way.

There is all kinds of information everywhere for everyone with access to the internet, so it’s possible that you can wake up feeling like you have a grip on life only to realize at 10am that it was all a lie. Kind of like what happens to my drafts, so yes it’s hard to be a person sometimes.

I am not about to go into unsolicited advice on how to cope, so I will tell you that between today the 2nd day of March 2017 and the 8th of the same, Uganda Blogging Community will be featuring stories of women dubbed#HerTale.

Some will be celebratory while others will highlight the struggles women uniquely experience, and maybe in there you will find that unsolicited advice, or a good read.

I hope to write atleast one story, preferably  not about myself because my biggest struggle as of now, is how to finish school assignments while being present at AkaDope and  4040NIGHT all the while getting my beauty sleep. 

Happy New Month.


  1. Joel Jemba

    Being a person is difficult sometimes especially when society regards and calls you trash. *shakes head*
    meanwhile I kept on scrolling and reading looking for your tale or a story you want to share that is so so deep and profound, kumbe it’s a trap, this was a like a memo for the Ugbloc prompt and other events happening soon, wow! Meanwhile KoikoiEast Next weekend, 10th March! Okay bye!

    1. Post

      Hahaha as I wrote I was also soliciting for depth but nothing came of it,
      You go on that trip and oppress, as for me and my house we shall just worship at the altar of education.

      Thank you for reading JJ and I love you for reading and sharing

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