If I pull this off, we are throwing a party… 

Before I started blogging,  I idolized people who do this.  I read people’s work.  

I fell  love with Biko Zulu’s mind and Ernest Bazanye’s ability to clothe anything in  humor.

I got attached to the gospel according to Eziaha’s and Josephina’s story telling while I getting  59 in a land law exam because I discovered Ogutu David’s blog the day before.

I stalked people.

They made it seem easy, so I signed me up on wordpress and I remember my first post being a congratulatory message to myself.

It came to my attention, a week or so later, that I was going to work a little harder to keep this up. 

That was February 12th 2014. 

So ladies and gentlemen we have a blog birthday coming up and thanks to Uganda’s blog community, I have been prompted to write everyday of this month. (Pray for me, and send me encouraging tweets and texts encouraging me lol) 

I spent all day, figuring out what to write about that will be both interesting and consistent and then an argument in class gave me some insight. 

Therefore in honor  of 2014, the year when I discovered there is nothing easy about this, I will be writing lessons,this place and it’s people have taught me since I started. 

I will be revisiting most of my posts and your comments for some much needed perspective. 

Let’s do this!


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  1. Beaton

    Writing everyday is quite the challenge. …. Hey did you say party ???? 😁😁😁😁 I’ll be shouting encouragement so save cake 🎂

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