UgBlogWeek-Take One 

UgblogWeek  always has me all colors of excited. 

Not for the writing part, since  I have honestly never been able to successfully pull off the whole 7 days,  7 posts challenge despite all my resolutions to always try. 

Am always more excited for the reading part.  People on this blogosphere know how to bring it literally. Therefore on this cheery note, allow me give a special shout out to the people of Uganda’s  blog community who put these things together. 

Straight up, today Mr Nevender is asking tough questions about information overload, while Bwesigye is buttering me up  for his journey with Ugandan literature, just around the time, I found out about someone’s love for his one eyed girlfriend. ( I have unfortunately failed to recover the link) 

It’s a festival of words  on these streets, popcorn is in hand and like Atim would say,  it’s a great week to have a blog account. 

As I crush hard on other blogger’s words,  I can’t help but feel stuck in my own head about the direction I want my blog week to take. 

Someone almost sent me down the bright and shiny path of gender inequality but I have resisted the temptation. She has  interesting thoughts (with  which I respectfully disagree) and we  share a name, so please find out here why she thinks gender inequality is here to stay. 

In randomly unrelated news, what do you know about transition?

I think I have reached my transition limit for this year. It has felt like, I was yanked from my childhood beauty sleep into this ocean called “adulting”.

I remember being away from home and being required to pitch myself.

I remember sitting in the Ministry of Education Annual Sector Review in September and wondering if the person entrusted with handing out the clues of being grown up had somehow skipped me. 

Despite all my gratitude at all these grown up roles, transitioning has come with it’s own pack of jitters and questions. 

Am I  ever really ready to cross over? 

Is there a coping manual? 

Are these problems am allowed to have?

Who is handing out the permission slips? 

Is there an app?

Unfortunately or not I haven’t found answers yet but when I do,  I promise to reduce them into a free to download app. 

I strongly suggest you refrain from holding your breathe about that promise and read on.

 Do you know how to breath?

Change on whatever level is scary. The problem is ,when you are an adult you don’t have the option of throwing a major tantrum about it and refusing. 

Sometimes you have even invited the change and when it comes, its absolutely beyond what you hoped for. 

My amateur advice  is breathe. While I work on that app.

When you find yourself in need of saving from being  an adult. 

When you you get thrown into the grown ups ocean without any clues on how to swim.

There is only one way to cope.

Wear your poker face and breath.


  1. Ugbloc

    You ask quite the relevant questions.. also, if you have noticed, we are now on 🙂 Godspeed on writing through this blog week! Cheers.

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