Yesterday on my way to my gender and the law class, one of my friends told me that he has never seen a class so well suited for anyone .

He said, gender and law and I are a match made in education heaven.
It was not a compliment
but I was running late, it was a hot afternoon and quite frankly I didn’t have the energy to start explaining why the class is important.

Anyway, today is the international day of the girl child, and the theme this year is Girls’ Progress=GoalsProgress. That is light of The Sustainable Development Goals as well as the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations.
Am about done with the technicalities of the day so let me get to the point.
Alot of people I know may make a case against why a day like today is even observed.
They will say women propagate their own inequality by asking to have days like today marked on calendars.
Some may even go ahead and state that gender inequality is no longer an issue and that couldn’t be farther from the truth.
Gender inequality will cease being an issue:

When all the 65 million girls currently not in school by reason of their sex can sit in a classroom and learn.

When militant groups like Boko Haram finally bring back our girls.

When cultures and religions stop treating women as subordinates.

When becoming a female CEO is the norm not the exception.

When I can walk through down town Kampala without fear that someone of the male species will feel entitled to grab my hand and butt or both .

When making noise about it doesn’t make me a psychotic bitch.

When we stop blaming victims of rape for inviting it by the way they dressed or where they chose to hang out.

When my university stops telling girls that their jeans are indecent but boys get a free pass.

When girls stop being expelled from school for falling pregnant while the boys get to stay, because they didn’t conceive by the power of the Holy Spirit.

When all girls can get  jobs and stay at places of work for their brains not their cleavage.

When  girls who don’t like heels and weaves aren’t referred to as manly.

When everyone understands that girls can dress up to look good not to impress the opposite sex.

When girls stop fighting one another when they find out they were played by the same guy.

When women can walk away from abusive relationships without the ‘judgeness’  of their societies and churches.

When a girl’s NO can stop being interpreted as a yes.

When marriage stops being looked as every girl’s ultimate goal.

When Hillary Clinton can run for president of the USA and her gender is not an issue.

When everyone realizes it’s an issue.

When talking about gender issues is no longer interpreted as hate speech against men.

When asking for equal treatment no longer means I want to become a man.

When enlightened men stop citing African culture as an excuse for letting their wives break with house work while they change TV channels.

When women stop apologizing for being vocal and men stop getting intimidated by seemingly strong women..

When being referred to as a strong woman can finally become a compliment.

When economies and democracies realize that including women and girls is the smart thing to do.

When feminism stops being a dirty word.

When I can stop writing things like these because everyone gets it

Happy International Day of the Girl Child.
We need it.
Otherwise how are you doing?


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  1. Dana Marie Namakula Jaehnert

    You are fabulous!!!! These issues are happening everywhere. I live in the U.S. and I feel that this was perfect for International Day of the girl child. Thank you!!!

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