Then I will remember.

When I wake up tomorrow morning.
For a moment I will remember that Monday is not my favorite day of the week and the thought will be aggravated by the fact that Independence Day falls on a Sunday.

Then I will remember.
That last weekend I  was on lake Victoria.
And then on some of Ssese Islands.
It was a weekend of so many firsts My first ferry ride.
My first boat ride.
My first real swimming pool experience involving something more than my toes and feet.

Then I will remember, I walked 14kms and then some and how I can do it again.
Because the view of Nanziri falls was worth every one of those 20000 steps.
And the feel of its water on my feet could be a cure to an ailment.

Then I will remember the boat ride back to the shore at 7pm when the Kreativ Adikt taught me something about photography.
In a great conversation.
While the sun kissed the water in a breath taking effort to set.
Giving us it’s beautiful audience.

Then I will remember every white bird I saw on the lake.
And my jealousy at it’s natural swimming skills.
In comparison to my non existent ones.

Then I will remember every single person on this #koikoiIslands trip
And all the color or noise they add to the situation.
And how this trip has forever changed the game of charades.
Because Joel Jjemba. revolutionised it.

Then I will remember that I could never afford any of this if the good people at #koikoiUg didn’t make great partnerships with the good people of the smart phone network and fuel save.
So I get to pay way less than I would ordinary have for something priceless.
And like a good girl I will be grateful.

Then I will remember all the moments I wanted to go and sleep but decided to stay seated at the camp fire.
Because the moments in that circle by the fire were too great,
And  I couldn’t bring myself to ruin them by being human.

Then I will remember why I fell in love with the KoiKoiUg initiative in the first place.
Because its the right combination of people and fun.
It’s an incredible, “not to be found anywhere ” opportunity to tell the Ugandan story, from unforgettable experiences.

So I will remember.
The experience of #koikoiIslands
And I will write about it..
Because it would be mean not to share.

But first I will reminisce
And bask in the glory and splendor of my weekend.
As the awesome picture takers arrange their Images so I can use them in my posts.


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  1. Patricia Kahill

    And I will read what you wrote, and realize what I missed.
    How it would have been nice to add my noise, and color to the ones you witnessed and heard. How I had looked forward to the campfire conversation, and the 20000 step walk. How white birds are my favorite, and I have not seen many of them in along time.
    How you writing about this makes me feel like I lost something I never had, and how I am not letting anything stop me from getting on the next #KoiKoiUg trip.

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