Book Review: Americanah.

It’s been a while.
Well it’s been too much while. Most of that time, I forgot I had a blog. (That’s a flat out lie or a hyper exaggeration)
During that while, I got my  long lost reading mojo back and it’s with very many pats on my back and awards in my honor, that I present to you ladies and gentlemen of the blogosphere, my first book review.
I really have no idea, how these things are done, but a certain book nerd told me, there is no formula.
I also feel like I have no business or qualifications to review, the absolute love of my reading life (for now) Chimamanda Ngozie.
I mean who am I to review greatness?
I finished reading minutes ago,  I don’t want the hype to die down or my thoughts on the book to wither in the noise that is life.
Am also on a bus and writing while I travel somehow shortens the distance.
Otherwise how are you doing?
I loved the book. If I had to go all descriptive of the depth and width and dimensions of this love, I would break out into a speech in my mother tongue and we can’t read that.
I found myself spending time in my mother’s dimly lit kitchen and praying that the pages increase as I read on,  and for the first time in the history of my smartphone possession, I charged for offline business.
The thought of finishing the book gave me all forms of separation anxiety. (Whatever that is. )
I have had this book on my phone for a really long time.
I kept it because the space on my phone let me. I had convinced myself that I couldn’t read an entire book on the phone.
Now I will probably be reading it, a few hundred times oozing in its descriptive glory which is exciting enough to keep you glued and yet ideally controversial.
Americanah is candid without the hypocritical subtlety of political correctness.
I tried picking out my favorite lines, only to end up almost highlighting the entire book.
She writes about blogging the only way she can and yet relatable.
If you belong to the natural hair movement, she also has you covered.
She writes about life, about pasts about helplessness, about mistakes, about hope, about double standards, about growth and everything in between.
The downside, only 344 pages of this goodness exist.
Its a flawed happy ending and I loved every bit of the cracks.
Am just a fan gushing about a piece of literacy genius and if I  were you and I haven’t read the book, I would let me know in the comments and I would send you a copy.
No need to thank me, you are already welcome.


  1. oluchee

    Oh Oh Oh I want!

    There are so many reviews on this book, and I’ve truly believed everyone of them about how good the book content is. Haven’t found a way of getting it.
    Btw, for this, you’re pardoned for disappearing.

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