Highschool Mean Girls

Dear reader,  yesterday all my favorite Zambian gospel artists were in town, the concert had to be attended and so the writing didn’t happen, and today am racing against time to catch up.
Am sure you aren’t interested in my excuses but oh well, otherwise how are you doing?
So my new blog crush Subtleroyalty is on a defiance plan about the theme of this episode of #ugblogweek.
She says we are lying and schools actually made us better.
I actually think what she meant is, school made us think we are better than those who didn’t go.
However that’s an argument I will get into maybe tomorrow, let me first gather ammunition.
I have been to 7 different schools.
Heck I have even attended two universities for undergrad. What can I say? I am flexible like that.
Up until now when I meet people I attended school(s) with, I can hardly ever tell, which one of the 7 it was that I saw them.
I did zero down to one school for my Advanced Level and I am thankful for the gift of Nabisunsa Girls’ School.
I’m so thankful for all its self esteem classes and gospel of becoming nothing but dignified, composed young ladies who reap what they sow.
The down side? My amazing school had a group of Mean Girls whose job was to ensure the rest of the class felt terrorised, unimportant and not pretty.
How? By making snide comments when anyone outside their realm of preference passed by, and every other subtle bullying that wouldn’t get them in trouble with the HM.
I was never directly a subject of their wrath but I assisted anyone who was by writing for them what they needed to reply when attacked and replying their mean chits whenever I got an opportunity (I guess I have always been an activist)
I have no idea where the rest of this squad disbanded to but, I hope it is some place that taught them some respect for people, that growing up helped their people skills and that the academy of life polished their manners.
Up until now, I can never let a bully get a free pass.( Now it’s less writing and more talking)
So, school did make me better my dear Writer Chic , it taught me to “Say no to bullying”.
Ps: Google owns the image and I love you for reading .

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