A blog of no regret.

Going to Rwanda meant two things. Letting go of an extremely emotionally draining situation I was going through and missing the epic #koikoiNorth trip.
Am glad I had my phone and data off for the one week I was in Kigali because I would most definitely have had a tear moment at all the amazing pictures these Koikoi people took at Murchison falls.

This is a personal favorite. Photo Credit :Joel Jjemba

I have completely dealt with the #FOMO and it’s cousin regret.
I don’t understand how a single group of people can exude such level of awesomeness and creative genius;
it must be God, but this is not about the trip that I missed, just head to KoiKoiUG on social media and let your eyes feast on the beauty that is this country.
Anywhos how are you doing?
I just had a life hack just by staying a week a way from home.
God taught me too much, I experienced growth and a birth of a dream in Rwanda.
For the next few days,  I intend to tell you all about it hopefully in a post or 6 but today I wanted to dust some cobwebs off of this place and make some well deserved noise about #koikoiUG.


  1. Sinawo Bukani

    Joel is quite an extraordinary photographer, this is splendid 🙂

    Hope you are feeling better my dearest mate, I am glad the trip became everything your soul needed <3

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