The End

Blog challenges like all things must come to an end even after a decade of not concluding them.

I know I stretched the 30 day blog challenge to probably 60 days but let’s wrap this up shall we?
Otherwise how are you doing?
I am personally very excited because  am heading to Kigali Rwanda as I write this.
It has always been a dream of mine to go back to Rwanda.
First time  I actually just went through but am going to stay this time for a week.
Am very interested in knowing the story of Rwanda besides the genocide that books have been written about.
So am going to milk this trip for everything it’s worth and if my MTN data bundle is fully functional, I will tell you know all about it.
I want to make acquaintance with the culture, the food,  the food again the people and to take a picture outside of that convention center. ( Have you seen the pictures of that place? It’s like the gods of architecture gave birth right there. )


So let me do the last 3 days of this challenge before Rwanda takes my breathe and my words away.

28. Embarrassing moment.
Thanks to the pop up messages on WhatsApp I accidentally told my entire class on the group that I have period cramps. (insert face covering emoji)
The message was supposed to be for my friend who was asking why I wasn’t in class. The minute I realized, I had sent it,  my tummy was no longer the only thing that hurt, but oh well.

29. A confession.
I can’t swim and I have a feeling I may never learn.

30. Hopes for my blog.
I absolutely hope that I can master the courage to keep writing, everything else will fall in line.
This is over? Miracles really still happen.
I love you for reading.


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      1. kishwitty

        murakaza neza.. you are going to have the time of your life. I’m only sad that I will not be there to perhaps meet and share a cup of coffee. Next time perhaps. enjoy

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