5am Blog Challenges.

Writing at 5am is becoming a thing or is it travelling at 5am that is becoming my thing?
Am still on this blog challenge business even if I haven’t been acting like it,  lately.
So maybe I will answer a whole bunch of questions to catch up.
How are you doing?

Day 16: Thoughts on education
I won a writing contest courtesy of my thoughts on education, more like courtesy of a rant on our education system here in the Pearl of Africa.
So education should be something that nurtures your passion and gets you a step closer into realizing your dreams and fulfilling your purpose.
Anything less is a reckless waste of time and money.
Education shouldn’t be a graduation ceremony or a GPA.  Inasmuch s much as those things have their role in the grand scheme of things, the adequate measure of anyone’s potential should never be reduced to their grades.
Education should teach you how to think not what to think  in other words it must tap into and enhance your creative juices, and more importantly, it should be accessible to everyone.
Sadly, everything I just said is exactly  what Uganda’s education system is not,  so before I turn this into another award winning rant,  let’s all move on shall we?

Day 17:Favorite Blogs?
Who even asks that?  It’s like asking me to pick my favorite sibling.
Everyone is my divergent favorite but, I really love having coffee with my Zimbabwean cousin Beaton,
I would throw me a party if I could write as consistently as Josephina and as refreshingly as The Writer Chic .
I think every person needs their own version of Joel Jjemba .
I am going to get on a plane one day to meet Sinawo Bukani,and together we shall go for live band.
I will definitely be at The Short Black Girl’s book signing.
The saved, fit and fabulous sister Eziaha has a permanent stalker in me,
And finally passion must have a face like Atim’s Thoughts.
I would however forget everything I just said, if I came face to face with Kenya’s Biko Zulu.

Day 18:Picture of myself

Meets after
This is just too good not to share l

Day 19: Favorite Movie.
I am more of a series kind of girl,  although, I have intentionally stopped selling my soul to script writers in general. So you get why I have no favorite movie right?
If you have to push your luck and make me watch a movie,  make it funny and by funny I mean Melissa McCarthy or give Gerald Butler a gun.

Day 20:What makes you happy?
Now this question, let me just list my favorite things.
Music Good music
Reading  sometimes.
Grey’s anatomy,  anytime, anywhere any day.

Day 21: What makes you sad?

Day 22: Your worst habits.
The ability to talk none stop.
I never explain myself or have a budget.

Day 23: If I won the lottery..
I would send mother dearest on a trip to Israel, it would definitely put me on top of her list of favorites plus, the way she would tell the stories would give me life… Lol

Day 24: What would I find attractive in love?
1. Be christian
2. Be funny.
3. Be funny.
4. Have the ability to accept a strong woman.
5.Be my friend.
PS: I know I said be funny twice.

Day 25: Biggest regret?
What is regret?

Day 26: Hidden talent?
I have said this before,  I can actually sing, but the bathroom is my target audience.

Day 27: What’s in my closet?
Lots of dresses that mother dearest thinks are too short or too tight or both and lately jumpsuits.
Shoes I don’t like very much except maybe for one pair

Shoes after my own heart

Quite a number of hand bags.
Ps: Do you know anyone who has some dresses mother would approve of and we switch closets?
Day 27? We are surely well caught up on this challenge aren’t we?
I love you for reading.


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  1. Sinawo Bukani

    I’ll definitely get on the plane first 🙂 I want to meet Uganda and you of course my dearest friend.

    Grey’s Anatomy is the life <3 I can't live without it. I just hope Shonda Rhimes gives April and Avery another chance at love or else I won't survive their break up again. I will literally fall apart. I am close to praying for them.

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