Dear Marriage, be good to my friend.

I saw her again today.
A shadow of her former self.
She reeked of despair.
She seemed lost.
And I thought about you.
My friend who is getting ready to walk down the aisle.

I got scared for you.
Then I got inspired
To write this for you.

I have thought about you the last few months.
More times than I have the entire time I have known you.
Some of those times, I have countered my worrisome thoughts with a prayer for you.

That you will remain the radiant light you have been even in the company of him.
That you will thrive in the better but especially in the worse.
That for richer or poorer, I can still look in your beautiful eyes and see you.

That you will remain unscathed.
That you will never be overstretched
Or spread too thin.
That to love and to hold, will not take you hostage.
That losing yourself will not be the ransom.

That you will tap into that sufficient grace.
That you will not get socked into fixing the difficult..
But you will surrender with dreaminess.
That you will live in reckless abandon.
Relying on the one who has all the answers.

That you will remind him everyday
Of your brilliance but especially of your full packageness (I made that up)
And that he will remember.

That you will slow down ( in Sam Kimera’s voice)
And remember for yourself that marriage is beautiful.
That you won’t get used to it.
Because getting used to beauty is the greatest catastrophe.

But most importantly,
That you will know with your heart,
That it’s your story,
So you get to choose who features in it.

That you will recall
That I am your unmarried friend,
So you can disregard everything I just said, and trade it for a daily reminder that I love you.
And with everything that I am, I wish you the very best.


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  1. Peace

    Great one like the many others that hve cme before this, indeed my marriage be good to our dia friend and all God’s blessings n fruitfulness.

    Always look forward to ya blogs gal.

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