Day 12,13 and 14


12.Your Favorite Childhood Book.
I hardly remember my childhood, not for any particular reason, I just
remember bits and pieces.
I also wasn’t exposed to that many books but I really appreciated the lady bird series.

13.What is in your fridge?
I am yet to own a fridge so let me tell you about what will be in my future fridge. Which will be, food, food, more food, wine,  chocolate, ice-cream, maybe one fruit and then more food.

14. 3 Healthy Habits


  1. Beaton

    OMG I remember the Ladybird Series just taken me way back, My favourite childhood book was The Brothers Grimms’ Book Of Fairytales.

    PS Can I visit you when you have a fridge?

    1. Post
    1. Post

      Turns out they are not so fun to eat those fruits.
      Make it red, make it sweet, make it Robertson, Four Cousins or Sweet Lips and it will be taken in small doses .
      The wine I mean.
      So now you know what to bring me from South Africa + dozens of cardbury in all shapes, sizes and colors.. 😂

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