30 Days Blogging Challenge-Take 11

I love food. To buy it.  To cook it.  To look at it. To eat it.
I spend alot of my time and money hopping Kampala restaurants and trying out all manner of food, sometimes I can’t even pronounce.
When,  I go to a restaurant with friends, I am the one they ask to pick what they are going to order.
I love food,  I’m a proud foodie.
I don’t have favorites that’s would mean I have tried all the food in the world, and yet I am just beginning to discover the amazing world of food.

I do however have a few meals I wouldn’t mind eating again even right now though.
It’s also really hard to put food in words so pictures will do.
I hope you are not hungry.

The sound wrap, the not so Ugandan Rolex and a chococchino from my favorite restaurant a.k.a The sound cup. It has been going through a phase I hope it reopens soon

2. It was a birthday dinner for Atim which came 2 months after the birthday.

The grilled chicken served with potato wedges and a salad, and chicken noodles from Tamarai restaurant
Some very chocolatey things from PizzaHutUG. Don't remember their name.

Otherwise what do you like to eat?

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