30 Day Blogging Challenge Take 9 &10

Day 10!! Woo-hoo
I feel like I should celebrate this victory already but then I am reminded I skipped day 9 yesterday.

Why?  Because I worked so hard yesterday, I nearly passed out and my fingers were aching from all the writing I had to do and also because excuses excuses..
Anyways, how are you doing?
By the way if you read my blog, you have a piece of my heart.  Seriously thank you!
Now onto the business of telling you the contents of my excessively huge bag

I also don't know why but I love big bags. All my bags are around the same size

And here is what is in it.


1. A shawl, because I am always cold.
2. My phone’s charger because the battery of smart phones is not so smart.
3. A wallet, because cash, ID, ATM and a whole bunch of things I staff in it, usually come in handy.
4. A journal, because some times you just have to write something down.
5. A notebook for the less journal worthy scribblings.
6. A bundle of stick notes, because I just love having them and I easily remember things when I write them on those colored little papers.
7. Lotion, because you never know when you need it, considering my dry skin.
8. Shades,  because a pair on a shiny day is totally worth it.
9. Three tiny perfume bottles, because smelling good all the time is good manners hence very important.  I keep one deliberately empty in case I meet or visit a friend with a perfume I like and I have to ask or coerce them to pour for me some.
10. Lip balm, lip stick and lip gloss, because my lips need some TLC.
11.Blinders, because you never know when you need to take a nap,  even just for 5 minutes in the middle of a work/school day.
12. A pen or 6 and earphones because music is life.
It’s safe to say, I have a luggage carrier instead of a hand bag
What is in your bag?
And about the best trip of my life, let’s go with Washington in April for now,but “ebirungi biri mumaaso” (which is luganda for good things are are ahead)


    1. Post

      Which is exactly what happens 90% of the time… Lil
      I know a travel bag is the appropriate name..
      Happy Fabulous and fruitful 30.
      The Uggy party is on!!

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