30 Days Blogging Challenge -Take 4

Today is interesting,  I am meant to tell you about my dream job. This show must go on.


Why is it interesting?  Because today I found myself questioning more than ever if I want to spend the rest of my career in a law office or worse a court room. (Please don’t tell mother dearest)

Maybe I was just bored,  or not having the work day of my dreams or the flu is doing terrible things to my judgement or maybe just maybe after I leave law school,  I won’t end up where mother dearest and I thought I would.

So what’s my dream job? Allow me do some wishful thinking and if you are looking to hire me,  here is a list of what I expect.
1.I am a noise maker by nature,  so my dream job needs to be in a place where they can tolerate my loud opinionated self and reward me for it.

2. My dream job is a place where I can be challenged.  I think one of the reasons I am not enjoying my work these days is because it is not challenging enough.  I feel under utilised, and stunted.

Like I could do more and be more but everyone else is just comfortable and I have no idea how to get them to aspire for more.

3. It should be a place where I can help people with my skills. I have come to learn in my very many years alive,  that’s  it is the greatest job in the world to render help.

I know alot of people have “save the world dreams” but I don’t, that’s Jesus’ job. I just believe in helping the people in my circle of influence and at the very least just one person. ( That can’t be that hard)

4. It must be a place where I can be availed equal opportunities with everyone. Where merit supersedes gender, religion and nepotism.

5. It must be a place where I can grow creatively. So it better allow me to write.

6. My co-workers must get my jokes.

7. It must pay me.

Otherwise how are you doing? Living the dream or what?

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