30 Day Blogging Challenge -Take 2


Twenty facts is a lot of things to say about myself  especially considering you may already know almost everything about me.
I feel like by the time I am done here I may have slipped into a narcissistic hole of sorts but hey it’s called a blog challenge for a reason.


Also happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and aspiring dads. Be a father everyday. ( That was yesterday when I started writing but am sure it’s still 19th in some countries)

I also found this

So here are 20 facts about me.

1.Up until a few years ago I had an imaginery friend.

I don’t know how it all began but I spent a lot of time alone as a child.
Our house was always full of people but I would hide in a bedroom or some place and talk to my friend.
It scared mother dearest and she prayed in tongues for me thinking I was associating with some demon while my siblings just wrote me off as weird.
I just learned later that I was just always having conversations with myself. A more rational version of me and slowly we grew apart with my imaginary friend.

Rationality is my middle name.

Save for absolutely rare occasions,  I am always team logic. I always have to make sense of things before I act on then. I think situations out. My first reaction to a death is never crying. I always slip in ” what can I do mode.”
I intentionally live stress free. I only engage in arguments I know I can win on logical and factual grounds.
I am beginning to rethink this, I need to be a little reckless. Abseiling was a good place to start.

3. I am a last born of four girls and lately my siblings are having a hard time dealing with the fact that I am growing up. It’s actually pretty hilarious to watch.

4. I have been to two different law schools. The story is pretty long and if I tell you, right now then I will ruin my graduation speech for you.

5. Speaking of graduation, it’s next year in July and  I kid you not when I say I am sure mother dearest has already picked out her dress.

6. I have been a church girl all my life.  Like seriously from Sunday  school to date, I have church credentials as long as the Nile. I actually lead two fellowships on campus and my idea of a perfect Friday night is an overnight.

7.  I have never been in a relationship. ( The dating a boy you like kind)  lol.
Before I used to say it’s because  no one I like has ever asked but that has changed since to a whole list of things. (That’s a blog post for another day)

8. I love to dance. When music is playing I stay on my feet the entire time.  I wasn’t so good at it but it’s a skill that has evolved over the years.

9. You already know this but up until my trip to Washington this year I had never been on a plane, nor had a passport.

10. I almost missed my flight back from Washington. Also long story but the short one of it is, the guy issuing boarding passes looked like a movie star, I told him and he got distracted.

11. Speaking of saying things,  I compliment people alot about all kinds of random things from their outfits to their hair to their skills, I can’t help myself.

12. I am the most brutally honest of my friends.  I can’t sugarcoat anything,  it’s work and I hate working.

13. I am incapable of tolerating bad service. If I walk into your restaurant,  you had better be nice to me otherwise I have no problem telling you calmly to be nice.
I have called all the water, power and phone service providers atleast once or left a message on their social media pages.

14. I haven’t been seriously sick since I was 12.

15. I have a very independent/ defiant mind. I only  do things I want to do and regardless of who is attending,  if I decide not to attend an event regardless of how many pictures posted or stories told about it, I never feel like I missed out.

16. I have been experiencing a reading slump (thank you Writer Chic for that word)  for months now. I need help.

17. I love to travel. I have been to almost every region of this country except Karamoja and I have every intention of going there.

18. I can’t drive. Partly because I like being driven and partly because laziness and excuses. The plan however is to learn by the time 2016 fire works go up.

19. I have no problem asking for help when I know I need it.

20. I love you for reading.  My blog is the surest,  safest and nearest route to my heart.

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  1. Guulo

    “Speaking of saying things, I compliment people alot about all kinds of random things from their outfits to their hair to their skills, I can’t help myself.” My sister from another mother!!!

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  2. AtimMercy

    Talking of graduation, I should join mother dearest in preparing my dress and travelling bag, because it’s going to be a road trip to fort portal.💃💃💃

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  3. Beaton

    I would be distracted too, if someone said I was a movie star, the closest to being told that was when someone likened me to some celeb, even signed an autograph, it was all fun and games till they asked me to sing for them and I, lets just say singing and I are not the best of friends….
    erm imaginary friends? there is a name for people who have those…. its called creatives ha!

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      Haha, poor guy.
      I can only imagine how painful it is to here you sing..
      Thank you for beautifying my imaginary friend weirdness with creativeness.
      Thank you for passing by B and being loud about it-always

      1. Beaton

        I am not that bad (at singing) I mean I wont make you bleed out of your ears, believe it or not I used to be an acapella singing group, I was the guy with the bass who went bada bada bum bum bada dum dum bada

        You are welcome

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  4. Sinawo Bukani

    I’m sorry but I’m judging you for the imaginary friend hahaha

    Can’t wait for the blog post for number 7

    I also can’t drive. I have absolutely no interest at all.

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