30 Days Blog Challenge-Take One.

My friend Atim and I are doing a 30 day blog challenge.
This is her way of making me a part of her search for a cure to writers block.
The question is can I write everyday for the next 30 days?
Let’s just not make any hasty promises okay?
But today is day one so let’s do this, let me tell you about my blog name.

“Everything and Nothing”

It actually came out of nowhere.
My friend and the world’s biggest critic Terrence,  said the first name I used was lame. ( You are lucky if you didn’t see it because it was really lame)
Moving on swiftly, everything and nothing is a fancy way of saying, I am very opinionated.
I chose everything and nothing because I don’t like boxes very much.
Everything and nothing because politics,  not politics, music not music, literature not literature, art not art,  lifestyle it all appeals to me and I want to write about all of it.
Everything and nothing because I blog my thoughts about all things, serious and trivial.
Everything and nothing is a polite way of saying I am completely clueless about what exactly I should be writing about, but I am figuring it out one post at a time.
Everything and Nothing because I don’t want to choose.


  1. Subtle Royalty

    Remember when I told you I get ideas then shelve them? Yes, I had wanted to tell you about something of the sort and I was like nah, she’ll be too busy. But I’m glad you’re doing it all the same. You go girl 💪

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