I envy writers, I mean people who really get the job done like my blog cousin from Ghana Josephina. Her work is meticulous and consistently awesome, while some of us, and by us I mean me, gawk at it green eyed and full of admiration. I want to write consistently like that when I grow up.

Also this is a 1AM blog inspired by a week of exams for which I watched youtube videos as a way of revision.
How are you good people?
Where I come from, today is heroes day, the day we get to celebrate our freedom fighters who died for that cause our president likes to call a fundamental change?
He also gets the pleasure of handing out a bunch of medals to a bunch of select individuals for a bunch of reasons.
So you will understand if this blog comes off a little heroic. When I was in high school towards our final A-level exams, our headmistress in the prestigious Nabisunsa Girls School had us write down, cram and sing the lyrics of Mariah Carey’s song; Hero.
Her point was to make us believe that inside of every one of us, was a hero big enough to come out on the bright side of those national exams, and when they finally came, did we slay them or what?

Maybe the rest of my class excelled because they studied hard, but I know for a fact that personally those 24/25 points I got came from a place of conviction that somewhere within me was a hero and of course mother dearest’s fervent prayers on the mat because she knew her daughter wasn’t doing no reading.

Something about that experience birthed sound conviction in me that greatness somehow has my home address.

Am also very glad I learnt that earlier on because it wasn’t so pretty after high school.
I could list down a whole bunch of unheroic things that have happened since and I will still tell you that none of them came close to erasing my belief that I was a badass hero on the inside.

I used to think that after law school I would join the army, but that dream is long gone partly because I am not 18 anymore and also because the idea of cutting off my dreadlocks is inconceivable.( still really love the uniform and the armored vehicles but moving on swiftly..)
Those guys are the heroes we all know of, their sacrifice is incomparable, and their strength is unmatched.
Today however I want to write about, a different kind of hero. Who wears ordinary clothes and may never touch a gun. I actually believe with all my heart, that heroes are everywhere in every single person. The actual hero is the person:
Who chooses to show up for themselves.
Who chooses not to disinvite themselves from this party of life.
Who falls down and gets back up every time.
Who pursues excellence with every opportunity.
Who refuses to be the norm, the statistic.
Who refuses to be defined as “ good enough”
Who dreams and follows through.
Who refuses to be defined by the bad choices they make.
Who knows its about the journey.
Who finds inspiration in the lowest of moments.
Who celebrates people because he knows there is room enough at the top for everyone.
Who earnestly pursues their passion and pays no attention to the naysayers.
Who knows it’s okay for it not to go your way sometimes.
Who finds strength in weakness, and hope in dark places.
Who knows about pain but endures through it.
Who knows its okay to need help and ask for it.
Who knows even at the worst of times that there is a hero on the inside.
So, “look inside you and be strong, and you will finally see the truth, that the hero lies in you.”

Oh yeah and I love you for reading..


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