These Blog Week Things

When I set out to start blogging,  I was looking for a place to express myself without a 140 character limit or a comment on my facebook status saying its too long.
I had a plan,  I just had no idea how to execute it,  especially when I discovered how way in over my head I was.
I started to hope that no one serious would read my blog while secretly praying for a miraculous cure to my writing skills.
Then I started to read lots of work from lots of bloggers and with every blog, I saw a different set of eyes.
I saw diversity of expression and then all of a sudden, I stopped to care that I didn’t feel qualified to write.
I was going to express myself, the best way I knew how and I was going to enjoy every minute of it.
So now here we are,  stuck with Everything and Nothing , and with every post I feel proudly exposed and liberated.

That’s what expressing yourself should be about. Freedom.
Freedom from being politically correct.
Freedom from suffocating with your opinion.
Freedom from being treated like a door mat because you can’t stand up for yourself.
Freedom from pride in the name of shyness.
Freedom from being a yes man or woman.
If it’s not freeing,  then it’s not expressive enough.


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  2. Beaton

    I absolutely relate to all this its darn right, freaky, have done similar transition from facebook to twitter to here and now ha!

    Express yourself

    PS definitely coffee ^_^

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