Expression-The Choice


23rd May 2016.
Also the 1st day of the second quarter of #UgBlogWeek .(Welcome Welcome)
Also the Grand Opening of Pizza Hut UG ( I don’t eat pizza but something tells me am going to try this one.)
Also my first day back to my old job. ( The one with lawyers and people mother Dearest hopes I make acquaintance because in her book, the law and it’s practioners reign supreme)
Also dealing with a whole lot of oblivion on what to write.
I am however very motivated by the fact that I am in a court room listening to election petitions and trying to survive this snooze fest.
And I have FOMO on #UgBlogWeek

Anyway how are you you doing?
I don’t know what the voters for the theme of UgBlogWeek were high on, but as it turns out, we are stuck with freedom of expression.
Well since I voted for something else,  the Ugandan defiant spirit in me is yelling at me to protest the results of this theme election, but Ugandans are not very nice to opposition so let me proceed with it,  before my social media gets shut down .

So freedom of expression Huh?
Am trying not to take the constitutional angle on this one.
I will just reiterate that, freedom of expression is a right that the framers of our laws knew to be inherent and should be enjoyed without seeking anyone’s permission.
However the lawyer in me is very asleep in terms of writing because unfortunately where I come from these awesome laws are merely fine print on paper only relevant when I have to crack my brain in the name of answering exams.

I am cognizant that expression goes beyond making noise about your political views and our take on feminism.
It entails how we dress, walk,  address each other,  write, talk, answer/ask questions,  take criticism,  treat those that are different from us or if you are me,  how well you take bad service especially in Uganda’s restaurants. 😂
The point if any,  is that freedom of expression is a choice we have to exercise everyday and how well we do that speaks volumes about our character and levels of maturity..

Hopefully I can break it all down during the course of this week but for now I need to care about election petitions because I like my job.
Ps: I love you for reading


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          I have tried several because most of my friends think pizza is the god of food but nah..
          Am going to try Pizza Hut but am sure it’s the same glorified chapati with extra ingredient credentials 😂
          Your new accent is not helping 😂😂

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