Washington Take One


I discovered something thing or two about myself today, first that I tend not have over the top excitement when I need to be ,and it doesn’t matter where I am or what am doing, the urge to take pictures never seems to quite hit me.

What is the relevance of all these candid confessions you ask?

About two months ago I won a writing competition by the World Bank.

The guys who selected me were either high on something, or I kicked some serious writing butt and my feelings aren’t coping yet or boundary lines have fallen for me in those biblical pleasant places.

The prize?
An all expenses paid trip to Washington DC to attend the World Bank Spring meetings for 8 days.

Get this tit bit also,
I had never had a passport to call my own or even left the Pearl of Africa on a plane.
My experience of ‘outside countries ( that’s Ugandan English for abroad) up until now, was a trip to Burundi on Gaga Bus via Kigali for mission.

Any person with high levels of enthusiasm and excessive cheerleader skills like me, would be all screaming and feeling all kinds, sizes and colors of butterflies, but believe me when I say non of those feelings surfaced.

Along the way, the excitement would build up and get dampened by all the paperwork that comes with travelling, (it’s apparently not as fancy as showing up at the airport with your suitcases as seen in the movies) and a yellow fever shot. (Why haven’t they invented a pill or syrup for this yet? )

Oh also did I mention that this trip is a time when am supposed to be sitting my exams?

But thank God for having awesome deans.
The good Doctor Kakooza gave me a free pass. More like permission to sit special exams at a time when the rest of my class will be having a good laugh somewhere not in school.

Am still undecided on whether I got this exemption because my university  is better than Strike-rere (read Makerere), or because it is sharp enough not to pass up an opportunity to be mentioned in the corridors of a World Bank Spring meeting or two.

Anyway so I tried to write about the experience but like I mentioned a while ago, my relationship with words went through a rough patch.

But I have a lay over of 4hours at Dubai airport, the Wi-Fi isn’t working like I thought, the place is so damn big, everyone is taking a nap, it’s a whole new world and I happened to carry a nice clear pen and a notebook.

I promised myself to feel excited once I got my Visa and nothing like that or it’s equivalent happened.

Then I postponed that jittery feeling to when I got to Entebbe airport (which by the way in comparison to this place seems like a glorified warehouse with ample parking space) and still I died in my own movie.

Not even my sister  Dear’s wailing fest at the airport now turned warehouse, or the incredibly polite emirates crew with their tonnes of exotic food I have never seen or tasted, and nasty tasting things that give  biscuits a bad name  (I had to try them) gave me the desired effec



Where were we?
Yes the hunt for excitement.
As it turns out, I was looking for it in the wrong place.
I have been looking for it in a feeling and feelings are very unreliable sources of information.

In all honesty, I am excited and maybe a bit overwhelmed and here are a few reasons why.

1. I wrote my essay on the  deadline, I neither edited it nor thought about it, and up until the World Bank called I had actually forgotten I wrote.

2.When they called me in to do an oral presentation of my essay, the country manager in an attempt to compliment me, compared me to Chimamanda Ngozi. (If you don’t know who that is, my friends Atim and Luka think I should judge you.


3. I got my passport in one day, and no I didn’t bribe anyone, God just sorted all the mess before I set foot at the ministry of Internal Affairs, and because my sister  Luckie is kind of a magician.

4. I went to the place I used to call home, about a week prior to this life revolution, and it must have taken a real actual miracle dressed like Mother Dearest  to have come out of there into  the sky. (All pun intended)

5. The first visa in my passport is a USA one with an expiration of two years which makes me believe that another trip is somewhere in the heavenly works.

6. I get to go to Washington DC for free and get paid for it.

7. I get to celebrate my next birthday outside countries.

8. I finally have learned to travel light. Usually I am  the girl who packs 6jeans, 12 tops and 5 dresses for a 3 day trip to Fort portal.
But I have only one piece of small luggage today which makes me so glad I got an opportunity to make my sister Pesh Darling proud, because she has lectured me about the importance of traveling light all my life


9. I made Mother Dearest really proud, maybe it was the sparkle in her eyes or
the fact that she travelled all the way from home sweet Fort portal, got a hair do’ (which cost me a few minutes of my check in time) to come and push me to the airport turned warehouse.

10. I almost successfully survived a crying party from my sister Dear, but I didn’t win that one. (Can’t win them all right?)

11. Xhosa Girl Sinawo actually called me from Hustle burg. Forget the whatsapp voice notes, it cost her some serious Rands.

12. I have seen the clouds up close and personal and the ocean and wow  they look good


13. I have the best friends in the world. Starting from Iryn Kaka who makes it really hard to be her friend because her love and generosity are insanely unmatched to Dada who am very sure has a heart of pure gold, I won a lottery with these ones.

14. On a flight to unknown land, I met a friend, I haven’t seen or heard from in over a decade and it feels so freaking amazing to speak my mother tongue miles away from home in a place where everything is in English or Arabic.


15. I am at Dubai international airport and it’s no where close to life as I know it..

Damn straight I am excited, it may not be packaged in obscene amounts of selfies, butterflies and ululations but feelings are overrated..


Now if only I can get the Wi-Fi to work so I can post this.

ps: The Wi-Fi didn’t work so am posting this from a really long queue at the US border customs at the DC airport!! .
Also forgive all typos, I left home 25hrs ago and haven’t had proper sleep!



  1. E'

    Itold you you were an awesome writer. Not a teeny weeny bit surprised.
    Honey, see you at Joyce Meyer’s conference in st Louis in September.
    That’s really why we have the 2year visa.
    Congrats boo

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  2. AtimMercy

    Komkom, I am sssooooo excited for you gggiiirrllll. And am so proud of you… I wanna cry too, but we will let Dear take that show…
    So I shall simply remind you to take lllooaaddssss of pictures, pictures and more pictures. I wanna see everything..
    Have a blast at the outside countries… And I want boots. Thank you very much.
    Oh, yes. I still think anyone who doesn’t know Chimamanda Adichie should be judged..

    1. Post

      Hahahaha Atim, thank you for not crying because I couldn’t take it.
      Am really trying with the pictures but am not you so let’s say am not kicking ass at it..
      Also you need to start speaking in tongues for those boots

    2. E'

      Oh I didn’t know we were dropping requests… Well I want a pink girly journal. You give me at the conference love.

      Outside countries??? Lol my uggy chicks ooo lol

      1. AtimMercy

        We are dropping with very strong Faith… Loll.
        Yes E’, we call any country that is not Uganda “outside countries” over here. llooollll.

      2. Post
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  3. skaheru

    Well, congratulations! Enjoy your stay and please, please, please write EVERY DAY if not EVERY HOUR! We’re enjoying this a lot!

    1. Post
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  4. Agbas

    If only I could write 1/4 of this that you write , only would I know how to change my nation. You inspire me more than the bibilical David armed with a a sling and a stone that changed the course of a generation. Go gal go chana #urock

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  6. Joseph Okia

    “Your diligent works will always give you an experience”- reads one of my favorite quotes. I appreciate your ambassador character. Your write up was a good analysis on our Education system. Go share ideas on how to revamp it. More shall come your way. Have a beautiful test of Washington DC. Blessings.

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  7. Ivan B

    Congratulations Komusana. There is surely something special about your blogs. You are yet to win more writing competitions. You deserved it. Nice stay!

    1. Post
  8. Hope Jakisa

    I am so happy for you.. I am thankful to God that he gave you that writing skill.. May this be the beginning of greater heights.. All the best over there..
    Meanwhile.. Outside counties.. Sounded so nice when you said it in primary school 😂
    Request.. 🍫
    Have fun for two

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