3 Day Quote Challenge

My favorite Atesot Atim Mercy  and  Amanya   nominated me for this challenge and as much as it feels like years ago am still taking it up.
Thank you.

I have been off these streets for a very unwelcome while and its good to be back.

On a completely related note, how does anyone pick their favorite quotes?
Aren’t we allowed to have like 20000?

Otherwise how are you doing good people?

The rules are:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. Post a quote or three each day.
3. Nominate three bloggers each day.
It goes on for three days.

I love quotes, I have a designated place for them in my gallery, so thank you very much plus being nominated for blog things makes me feel things 🙂

So as much as its hard to pick favorites let’s do this shall we?

1 The people who change the world are those who are crazy enough to think they can”- Steve Jobs

Need I say more?

The Steve Jobs guy died and am still waiting for the perfect pay check when am out of school or a miracle to afford one of his gadgets.

He did change the face of technology and the world along with it, so yes I like people who are crazy enough to want to live a dent on the universe.
In the words of my Writer Chic ,

“the world is too small for M.E not to leave a mark “.

I believe the world belongs to brain power that doesn’t just think outside the box, but kicks the box a way and sets it on fire…



I am a strong believer in process, unless of course you are dealing with a public office in Uganda and a process may mean you get what you need twenty  years later..

The point is, people mostly want everything faster faster.
We want to win without participating in the race and benefit from this awesome God without doing our part.

Maturity, all of it is earned through a very worthy process.

There are no dream destinations without the journey to get there.

There are no good books without years of writing, editing and everything in between.

There are no law degrees to get without sticking through five years of “not so much fun “.😂

There is no job if you don’t show up for that interview.

There is no baby until it’s 9months or some later.

Same rules apply to God things, there is no miracle if there is 0 faith.

There is no spiritual growth if you don’t take your godly exercise seriously.

Source :Being Mary Jane

I did an interview recently more like a presentation really but it was a big deal, so there was no room for error.

The morning of the interview, I felt like there was a good chance of passing out, because I have never  really considered myself a speaker with a wow factor..

Anyway I went to the bathroom of the office before I was called for my presentation, applied my bright red lipstick and told the girl in the mirror, that as far as speech goes, no one is better than her.

I play the Jesus card a lot because let’s face it, it’s the ultimate card, so I resisted that devil’s minion called fear by just saying
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, now what are you gonna do about that minion? ”

Fear, if we let it, has the capacity to run the show in our lives.
I know of people who have never known the pure bliss of sleeping with lights off because they are afraid some creepy faceless object is coming to get them.

There are people who convince themselves the exam will be so hard, that they see themselves failing it before they even sit.

So resist, resist and resist fear. It  is the devil himself and the good news is,  if you resist him, he shall flee from you..

Source :Google Images

Today’s nominees
Joel Jjemba
Subtle Royalty
The F.A.B Sister


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  1. Ebby LeBlanc

    “I believe the world belongs to a brain power that doesn’t just think outside the box, but kicks it a way and sets it on fire” by far the best quote in this post! Love it!

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