#UgBlogWeek Day 7 -Five More Years

Today at 4pm,  Engineer Doctor Badru Kigundu, the chairman of the electoral commission graced our media outlets and told us we have five more years.

I told my sister that elections in this country are really a waste of resources because we always know the outcome.
We have danced this routine every five years.
We have known it so well we can do it and even teach it in our sleep.

We are so accustomed to our visitors from allover the world in form of Commonwealth, EU and AU election observers that we are no longer ashamed to pull out our bad manners as we host them.

So yes the promiser of fundamental change 30 years ago has five more years

Five more years of police brutality because the levels of impunity are high enough to cover their consciences.

Five more years of millions of mothers dying during child birth because the health centers are understaffed and the workers over worked and under paid.

Five more years of teachers begging for a salary rise and being told to wait for the next financial year but in the meantime teach.

Five more years of an education system no one is proud of because it produces people like presidential candidate Mabirizi who can’t differentiate between date and debt.

Five more years of only one national referral hospital only reserved for those too broke to afford a trip to Nairobi ‘s Aghakan hospital.

Five more years of our monthly doses of corruption scandals.

Five more years of bureaucratic bottle necks in every government institution, so frustrating we would all rather not seek their services.

Five more years of a judicial system so corrupt that the people will take mob justice any day.

Five more years of frustrated jobless graduates.

Five more years of a broken political system and cans of tear gas as treatment for its wounds.

Five more years of National prayer days because only God can save us from this one.. Walayi…


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  1. Beaton

    isnt it cute how every time elections come round the hastag <insert countryDecides is all over the interweb…. but nothing is really decided, funny how change looks exactly like what you had before if not slightly worse because perhaps if they had used all the campaign funds to actually do what they promised instead of all this song and dance….

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  3. Ivan B

    Five more years of every thing indeed… I knew you would come up with something.. The bureaucratic bottlenecks surely mbi nnyo! Actually that is my dissertation research topic. I scared whether I will get the information I need from the so called public servants. However, the very last paragraph on prayer has stood out for me. It is only God!

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