Nothing Much Really

Happy 18th February in Uganda.
I traveled to my beautiful home sweet Fort Portal today because its the right thing to do when you get an undeserved break .

There was no traffic police anywhere on the road,even though you needed to fly off the road. The understanding is that today police have bigger fish to fry, so fly we did.

My eyes stayed glued outside looking at the different polling stations on my way,  and did people show up or what?

Also another rather interesting occurrence today ,was Uganda Communication Commission’s decision to switch off all social media platforms.

I don’t know if I should focus on what a gross infringement on the freedom of speech it is, or on what a relief it is that I didn’t see any bad news inform of social media propaganda.

The point is we are close to the end of February 18th 2016, and I got to spend it with the most important people in my life, I even saw he that fathered me for the first time in the longest time.

So am just grateful..
Here is to an election tallying fun weekend and maybe a fundamental change.


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      1. Joel Jemba

        Oh well, you can add something to my description to her, tell her a lover of nature’s sight and sounds, food and people. that should cut the deal so easily. I can’t wait for your feedback. *winks*

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      I know Joel needs Jesus himself
      Well he that fathered me, it’s quite the escapade
      I hope Uganda Communication commission can switch on our social media soon enough for me to spill all the tea to you about it,
      Before it becomes cold.. 😂 lolest

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