#UgBlogWeek Day 4: Survivor

17th  February 2016,
Also just a few hours  to the presidential elections.. Woop woop
I am very excited,  about nothing in particular but especially for the break from school.

It’s also feels like the eve of a wedding,  so much to get through, not enough time yet the show must go on, regardless of the amount of trust issues you have towards your wedding planner. (Read electoral commission)

Quick scan through every social media platform and the gospel is the same everywhere, “run and hide for the end is near” so I figured I still have work to do with this whole peace business.

This country is a survivor,
It has survived the colonialists, Amin  Obote and the shit storms they carried with them.
They had their moments and are now long gone,  only remembered because we need to milk as many public holidays from our calendars..

It has survived Ebola,  cholera and nodding disease and still boasts of a vibrant and very young population.

It has survived rebel groups and terrorist attacks and still has a very functional night life .

It has survived mud slides in Bududa and crambling mountains in Kasese.

It has survived police brutality,  army attacks on the judiciary and pretty much every abuse of the rule of law.

It has survived international condemnation for how it elects to run its business, and still has its boundaries clearly mapped out.

It has survived 30years of the same government that started off promising a fundamental change, that turned out to be a permanent change.

It has survived 5 days similar to tomorrow and is still here.

So hold on to share that tweet, Facebook post or WhatsApp message telling you to tell your friends, to tell their friends, to tell their friends and family  that this nation, will not survive tomorrow or this week for that matter.

Wake up, go cast your vote, eat your food (not in a ”it’s-the-last-supper” kind of way)  and rejoice because you survived along with great nation..
There is no end,  just the future!


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  1. Achola luvliz

    Am sure eating my food….not because of e war rumors buh because being away from mukono mid sem z jus so exciting and gives a great feeling… As I sip my chair watching people fight to get into r buses😁😈

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