#UgBlogWeek Day 1 -Pledge Peace

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14th February a.k.a Valentine Day,

Also the day you get judged for wearing black and red,

Also a day after Uganda’s second presidential debate that, His Excellence Museveni attended and continued to remind us why he calls it a high school debate in the first place,

Also the day of every florist’s dreams,

Also four days to the highly anticipated 2016 presidential elections,

Also the first day of #UgBlogWeek under the theme Love and Elections .

So you can understand why my thoughts may be allover the place,  but here is to hoping that I can pull off a post.

First things first,  how are you doing?
Anyone doing anything extra special for you today?

I had the opportunity to watch the second round of the presidential debate last night and tweet my fingers off, about probably the less serious issues like candidate Maureen Kyalya’s choice of outfit,

Anyone seen the cultural gala she is meant to attend?

candidate Mabirizi’s continued confidence in his cluelessness, and the moderators forgetfulness about talkshow veteran Shaka Ssale and General Biraaro’s very existence, but I am resisting the urge to make a review of last night’s debate..

Except of course I have to say I preferred the first round because the issues were more relatable.

In all honesty a debate on foreign policy when am sure except a minute of Ugandan percentage have ever seen Uganda’s foreign policy or know what that fancy term is seems like a colossal waste of time and an opportunity for His Excellence to outshine his peers because well he has been its master mind for 30years.

Either way am very grateful to Justice Ogola all the organizers and sponsors of the debate for allowing us to be a part of history. That will be all about the debate..

At Watoto Church today the sermon was about loving Uganda,  especially right now. We are four days away from the polls and I couldn’t think of a more timely message.

If you are in 20000 WhatsApp groups like me, someone must have sent to at least one of your groups, a long text  telling you to stock up on food and water , fuel your car to capacity buy lanterns and resist the urge to hit the streets on or around the 18th of February, because Uganda may be getting a facelift.

Well I don’t blame the propagators of this wave of fear because history gives them precedent, and pictures of police tankers arriving at the border seemingly in preparation for a fight are not helping their timid hearts.

I will say this though,  we don’t need to be spreading a message of fear but of hope.  We should have faith that our nation can survive another presidential election without bloodshed, regardless of what we see.

We should love our nation and each other enough to know that when push comes to shove we shall stand together and say NO TO ELECTION VIOLENCE.

We should pledge peace. Every individual should refuse to participate in violence or anything that may be interpreted as such..

Elections come and go but this country,  God bless its dear heart, will be here long after we are gone.
And in the words of the pastor today, we can decide which Uganda we leave our children in and whether they shall always be consistently repairing it,  because we made bad decisions..

So go and vote, make a prayer and stay/spread peace..

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Elections Week

As usual I love you for reading.


  1. E'

    Awww you are ugandan.?
    Thought you were Nigerian.
    Anyhoos you write beautifully
    Couldn’t stop laughing at continued cluelessness

    1. Post

      Hahahaha for you honey I can be Nigerian
      Thank you so much
      I hope King David and his dad pulled off something extra special for you this valentines day
      Am very grateful for your continued kindness to my writing 😊

  2. Ivan B

    Wow this is lovely #ikomusana. The debate was the thing indeed as justice James Ogoola put it..I’m glad we share the same ideology about which debate was much relevant. I believe the first one took the award and how I wish Candidate Museveni had attended it. Why did he have to succumb at the last Minute anyway after calling the first debate childish?? ? The 3rd and last comment is that I’m not in 20000 whatsapp groups but I indeed got that long message… I believe the choices we make in the forth coming elections will determine the future of our dear country Uganda. There will be no caos atleast I’m optimistic about that God being our helper.

    Happy Valentine too
    Your posts are always well written and on point. Thank you for writing and We thank God for the gift not all of us can do that. God bless.

    1. Post
  3. diary of a headless chicken

    I am surrounded by war mongers lately, which gives me the impression that Ugandans are spoiling for some post election drama or an adrenaline rush. Your post gave me some hope that there are people who know the ugliness of war . Mandela said something similar to Ghandi; There is no other way, except the way of peace.” No to post election violence.

    1. Post

      Yaaay Kuku your alive
      Lol at war mongers,
      The Hope is that the peace mongers outnumber and out will them.
      Thank you for reading and saying my post gave you hope,
      I live for those things..
      Good to see you Kuku

    1. Post
    1. Post

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