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You see I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. Not because I have anything against having a lot of plans for 365 days, but because I think it’s too much pressure and I usually forget by January 5th.

Relevance? Thanks to all these blog Award nominations these days as it turns out, I didn’t need to have to resolve to write more this year.

I have been nominated by my current favorite blogger sinawobukani.wordpress.com for the Versatile blogger Award and am very grateful because I take every award nomination as a nudge to write and that is priceless.

The Rules.
1.Thank the blogger who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
2. Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice. When considering a fellow blogger for the Versatile Blogger Award, keep in the the quality of their subject matter and the level of love displayed on the virtual page.
3. Link your nominees and inform them about their nomination.
4.Share seven facts about yourself..

So here is my list

1. I can actually sing.  For some weird reason I have never tried to do more than sing in the shower but I have pretty decent vocal chords. 

I surprise myself whenever I have to sing and I even have myself believing that the person who sings is my nemesis always wanting to steal my show….

Every time those cool choir people who have 20000% perfect confidence in their abilities get up their to sing am looking at them like “eeeeee mama”

2. I don’t remember the last time I was angry at anyone or anything or had a bad day. I am emotionally incapable of rage which is frustrating at times. I don’t know how to be angry.
I guess I finally found the biblical peace that surpasses human understanding.

3. If there is such a thing as a “Crier’s Award”, I think I won it.  God must have given me extra tear wells than most people because I also don’t get it.

I deny deny deny its truthfulness and I always feign  eye allergies when am caught red handed but almost every thing from goodbyes, to movies, to songs, to speeches, to poems, to weddings, to dead people, makes me cry..

I am currently praying about this very unwelcome skill.

4. I could be a cheerleader for a living. When I remotely sense any sort of ability or skill from anyone I go all
psycho supportive of them even when hardly know them.
I am beginning to think it’s also a disorder of sorts.

5. I only started taking lifts about two months ago. Regardless of how far I had to climb, I would take the stairs because I had convinced myself that the power system in Uganda was too unreliable for my trust and I was not about to be stuck between walls.

Anyway that’s all over now, the power is still unstable but  when I had to go to the 12th floor of Worker’s House twice in one morning, I decided  exhaustion was going to kill me faster than the lift, and I have never taken stairs when a lift is an option since.

6. I am obsessed with music good music.  Everyone I know except one loves music.
However I think my love for music is very irrational.  I can go on and on about a song and have you convinced that it’s the best thing you will ever listen to.

I get so excited for concerts and shows that if something happens and it gets cancelled I need a day or so to recover.
For the longest time I attended Watoto church just for the music,and my perfect idea of night out is a place where there is live band playing.

I have watched all music shows from Idol, to The Voice, to XFactor to project fame to Coke Studio Africa, to award shows you name it. I don’t know what it is with music but I think in another life I could be a music producer.

7. My idea of a perfect date is conversation.

And my nominees are

Looking forward to all your lists.

I love you for reading.


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  1. Joel Jemba

    On your fact list; Number two swept me off my feet, Girl you found inner peace, It’s not a guess here it’s a fact! Ooh thanks for the nomination here cool list cool list. . . *takes a bow!

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  2. AtimMercy

    My GIG my GiG. I love your answers.
    Number two is sssoooooooo trruueeee.
    Two years I have “known” you and I can bet my good shilling you have never been angry or had a bad day. You are always on this Komusana sunshine mode.. Loll. Probably it’s the “cheerleading disorder” in you. Hihihihihi. And I love you for that. One of the reasons i love being with you.
    Okay enough love stuff here…
    Thanks for nominating me!.

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      Ooh thank you my Girlfriend in God..
      Shy has caught me from all the loving..
      It’s all mutual though..
      You’re welcome about the nomination .looking forward to your list

  3. Sinawo Bukani

    7. My idea of a perfect date is conversation <<< this is the it. I'm finished. Can I steal this line for ever because it's so trueeee and too awesome.

    I chuckled at your judgement at other musicians hahahaha so cute, I want to hear this voice now. Voice clip maybe? Youtube video upload? Phonecall? Something. make it happen ma'am.

    I cry too, it doesn't even embarrass me anymore…

    Show me a writer who doesn't love music though? How would we survive people, music is our soul food.

    Love you. Thank you for the list…

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      Steal the line girl… We don’t have copyright law where I come from..
      Thank you.. Am reading and re-reading your comment and am having African blushes…
      I got you about the voice clip.. Next time am on my well-lit stage a.k.a shower, a recording is a given
      So true about music….we put food on those musicians’ tables, our efforts should be awarded even..
      Thank you again for the nomination & reading…
      The love is very mutual 🙂

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  4. Oluchee

    Awwww I like this 1 – 7! 😄 except singing part tho. I did not relate with it so I chose not to like it😐😐😑 I’m tone deaf I can’t even believe it because no one loves music more than me. It’s not fair😢😭😭

    1. Post

      Hahahaha thank you..
      I appreciate you for reading..
      Hey your tone deaf? I know a few people like you so maybe I can get you in touch and you guys form a
      “Tone Deaf Coalition ” or something
      Would that help? 😊😊😊😊

  5. Beaton

    So a perfect date = conversation me right now mind=blown ^_^
    I used to “sing” in an accapella boy band well technically I was the guy who went baddaaa badum badaaa good times those.
    I totally understand your inner peace mission cause I am like that I am zen as duck cant get angry to save my life 🙁 Its like olive branches sprout out my teeth wouldnt hurt a mosquito even it drank all my blood like some weird vampire I would probably just say ooooh you probably got a family to feed tiny lil kitos that need ma blood (i am a blood donor blood is important guess i have saved people’s lives and they dont even know it and mosquito clans too)
    anyhoo great reading your list cheers

    1. Post

      Hahahaha I laughed so hard at your comment
      It’s so hilarious, what a great start to my week…
      So your a life saver Huh?
      Someone hand this guy a Noble Peace Prize already!!!
      I appreciate you for reading..
      Let me head over to your blog and see what else your up to

      1. Beaton

        you are welcome and it was a pleasure really…. I dont want a Noble peace Prize, but an ice cold beer and a flame grilled steak would be life about now.

        (oooh if you head over to mine do tell me what you think)


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