Today’s  question interestingly is “what are the top three lessons life has taught you so far?”

Also it is the  last and 10th question from http://atimmercy.worpress.com after she nominated me for the Sisterhood Blog Award. I am thankful for you Atim,  these questions gave me a great start to my blogging year. To say it was a nudge to write would be an understatement.

The rules for the award are
1. Display the Awards logo on your blog.
2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and mention them in a link that easily links them to their own blog.
3. Answer 10 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
4. Ask them 10 questions of your choice.

So I have answered 9/10 questions in a space of 12 days although that was just me milking the award for whatever it was worth, because a question a day meant a post a day.

Top three lessons huh? It’s really hard to pick and choose because I have been around for a while so it’s safe to say I have learnt a lot of things from the academy of life.

Before my birthday last year I took sometime to write those lessons down because I wanted to be reminded and I shared them here http://https://ikomusana.wordpress.com/2015/04/04/the-things-i-have-learnt/?so you can go check them out and add yours to the list.  .

But today is today so my top lessons are

1. I am only responsible for what I say and how I say it  and what I do and how I do it,  and not how people perceive it
Ooh the liberation that lesson brought!!
I used to walk around with the weight of the world on my shoulders. I would worry about offending people even when I had done/said nothing wrong.
I would check and double check my every move because people have to be pleased and the million dollar lesson /discovery was, “that is a task not even Jesus Christ can pull off”.
So I resigned from my job as a baby sitter of people’s feelings and I have been singing hallelujah ever since

2. Helping people is the ultimate job.
I understand the need to make money because well the bills don’t pay themselves, but what I understand more is that there is nothing more fulfilling than helping people.
The biggest fallacy in the world is that you need to have a lot in order to help.  The world has so much need beyond material things (If you have the material things that’s icing on the cake)
I have been to a few missions and I discovered that the greatest need the world  has is love.
So yes just getting some one to a place where they know they are loved and treasured especially by the Most High God,  is the best job in the world.

3. Make the time to know yourself
Naturally when we get here, the world puts us in boxes with big fat labels.
Girl, fat, skinny, student, tall, short, Ugandan, poor, black, brown you name it and there is a label to it
So what happens is its easy to remain in that little box and go through life not knowing anything beyond.
When you decide to take the plunge and discover who the person behind the label is, the result is you break out of the jail and that’s the most freeing thing ever  .

My work here is done and my nominees who am going to ask just one question worth thousands of answers are
subtleroyalty.wordpress.com href=”josephina.wordpress.com”>josephina.wordpress.com
And your million dollar question is
“What would you do if failure was not on the table? “

Hope you accept my nomination..

I love you for reading


  1. Joel Jemba

    That’s very good question, I can’t wait for the answers. . .ooh those are very important lessons of life. cool stuff!
    Thanks for sharing and answering all the 10 questions. Kuddos

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  2. Amanya

    If failure was not on the table, I would be under the table. With a mat and a pillow, sleeping. A book covering my face and ear phones in my ears.

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