Animals and Spaces

If you are human,  you probably have had a lazy episode or 6.

However if you’re me you have had a battle with laziness all your life, notwithstanding the threats that your life will turn out miserable if you don’t get your butt off the couch, by your well intentioned mother and your underpaid and overworked teachers throughout school…

As usual that is very useless information and my way of circling the fact that I have two questions I completely have no clue about.

Those being?
What animal best describes you and how do you like your personal space arranged?
The truth is I am not those people who feel an innate connection to the animal kingdom..
As long as any animal finds its way from wherever it is to my plate all crispy and seasoned am good.
All am saying is am not about to sign up to be an animal rights activist .

So I have not found my animal sibling yet I guess but in one of those epiphany kind of moments someone said I could be a lioness in animal kingdom but am sure they just saw my hair and got carried away that’s why.


About personal space ..I guess this is the part where I go in confession mode and say I have never owned my own room. (one of the perks of having a number of siblings)

I could have had my own room on campus but I like to have a roommate especially if she is as awesome as mine and I also don’t suffer “those I want to be alone” problems so you see how I could have no answers to how I want my personal space arranged..

The other day however I was reading a blog by Mildred Apenyo, which I highly recommend you check out  because she is awesome and will probably give you new ambition goals and she said that our bodies form part of our personal space .

So if my body is personal space, all covered up and free from unwarranted harassment in form of grabbing by guys downtown is how I like that part of my personal space arranged.

Special shout out to my friend who blogs at because today is his birthday.
Happy Birthday to you skinny guy under construction,( do we need to fire your contractor because the construction is taking a while?)
Thank you for being an ardent reader of my blog and inspiring me..

I love you all for reading


  1. Joel Jemba

    Well, I have received the shout out, thank you for the Birthday wishes both from twitter and this blog. This is so much to me, Thank you! I really really really appreciate. And about the under-construction, well I have one Maker, He is always wiring something in my life according to His plan and will, irrespective of the time He takes I know it’s for the best; I will wait. Now you get the Idea. *winks

    So once again thank you so much Komusana AKA blog buddy.

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