The battle of the Human Species

Female friends or male friends? Which ones do you prefer and why?

Now this question…..
Up until I went to campus most of my thoughts on the male species of the human calibre were a myth.

Let’s just say that being raised by a single mum in an all girls’ family and then being sent to a single school obviously didn’t help.

Also I wasn’t  the kind who wins the curiosity award so I sat in my oblivion and hoped I would never have to go through the gruesome experience of actually having a conversation with  the opposite sex.

Well it worked for the most part because even at church I stayed as close to the female folk as possible and shunned any attempt at a friendship with a boy, because aside from the aforementioned incumbrances, there was the manufactured fear that boys were monstrous and would “use me and refuse me” ( Some random line some pastor used  to instill the fear of God in us)

It’s a whole overtly dramatic episode of how I got from there and will spare you the horror of reading and just say that, when I found myself having to share a classroom and maybe a life with guys it was like the scales had finally dropped from my eyes….

I have a way apparently with making friends with these guys from all walks of life some way out of my league. ( My friend Kunsa Paulo takes it thousands of notches higher and says I have older men)

Do I prefer them to the host of girls I have had the honor to meeting thanks to my all female world start in life?

That’s very subjective..
Each of them brings a different shade of color..

Love the girls for
The much needed fashion advice.( I mean what would I do without Charity and Chicky in my life)

Being the sounding board of all rants, rational, irrational ,confusing and everything in between.

The reminder that being female is so beautiful and should be celebrated ( My friend Mercy without even knowing it reminds me everyday)

Good old fun. It’s just nice to go restaurant hopping with Peggy,
or for concerts with Prima( my friend of  a decade plus) or for ice-cream and live band with Diana and just be…

Being cheerleaders even when your about to walk off a cliff ( They may even jump in with you ask my sisters)

I could go on but the guys need some props too

So I love the guys for

Pushing me to be better ( Kunsa takes this one although he is an overachiever so am not competing)

Having 0 drama so I don’t find the need to apologize after not texting after so much as a month..

Being all sold out about their dreams thus giving me no excuses not to pursue mine. I like that their passion can never be overrun by feelings( Thank you Joel-Joel Basoga )

Their twisted understanding of women /girls and almost everything else therefore giving me something to argue about.. ( your welcome for those teachable moments by the way)

Not being offended by my version of honesty ….

Buying me food (My occasional best friend Richard keep up the good work)

For knowing all kinds of random stuff about IT, electronics yadda yadda

And need I say it?  Not using me like the  pastor with good intentions and terrible execution had me thinking…

So who do I prefer?  Luckily I never have to choose..

I love you for reading


    1. Post

      Ooh thank you. Am aspiring to write like you..
      No pressure… ( we agreed I can sign up for your fan/groupies club)
      And about the typos I edit, post edit, post and edit some more until I realise that nobody is paying me for being so keen on the language of the colonial masters…
      Thanks again

  1. Kunsa

    And the Oscar goes to… your Older men.(museveni,Besigye and the like) they Perhaps inform you about the tricks of the younger lads so you avoid being preyed upon. hehehe.
    Terrific work.
    “Iam intuitively gloating”

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  2. chickyritah

    Komusana i feel i also feature in Richard’s part.😉😉😉😉 am not saying anything other than i love u too 🙊🙊🙊💑❤❤❤💜💜💛💛💚💚

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