About Clothes

The question I have to answer today is;
“what’s your typical everyday outfit? “

Well I trust my knowledge and vocabulary about fashion and clothes as far as I can throw it.

Also I attend a university that has the audacity to tell me what and what not to wear lest I am not allowed on their ‘holy ground’ for which by the way I pay millions to be at.

So a typical day outfit is a dress or skirt and top or a pair of trousers (not jeans)  with a top.

I however have a preference. Most definitely prefer the dresses to everything else because I find them more convenient than trying to match a skirt/trouser with a top. ( I am not so crazy about playing dress up)

But if I had my way everyday I would wear a pair of jeans and a T-shirt because well what’s not to like? However since I chose a profession that will always have me in suits and a dictatorial school I guess that ship sailed  and then capsized.


  1. lumpen808

    LOL How are Nkoyooyo Hall and Tech Park doing? They had me chop off mu budding dreadlocks. I was mad as hell! No worries, just a few years and you’ll be out. 🙂

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