You’re Not Your Hair

I like to know things not in a curiosity killed the cat kind of way but in a knowledge is power kind of way.  (Totally unrelated information)

Anyway can you imagine which question I have to answer today? The brief version of it is “what are your thoughts on the natural hair trend that everyone seems drawn to or is it more than a trend? ”

Honestly am the most unqualified person to give an opinion about hair, but my friend Mercy who asked these questions is the queen of knowledge about hair she even has her own natural hair recipes if there is such a thing.

So I refer you to her blog, Atim’s Thoughts for all the information you need to fill the tonnes of gaps in my answer to her question.

I don’t get her commitment to keep it all natural but  she has her convincing good reasons.

So when she is buying mayonnaise, Shea butter and coconut oil and subjecting her blender to torture to come up with a concoction for the next hairdo  and then blogging about it, I just look on in awe…(There is something absolutely amazing about watching anyone do something they are passionate about)

But am out of my depth here, I have not the unique vocabulary to talk about hair, all I know when it comes to hair is Selector and his impeccable skills at locking my dreadlocks which I have rocked for the last two years plus…

A wise woman was told me that I am not my hair. No one is.
So my thoughts on natural hair, if you love it nearly as much as my dear Atim be all about it.

If it makes you happy honey why not?
And about it being just a trend or something that’s here for the long haul, I think natural in whatever form, color or size never runs out of style..

But whether it’s natural,
Or has had a lot of help from hair products so it’s all Brazilian even if we both know you hail from Fort Portal like me,

Or you change it up every few weeks or keep a single style for years,

Or you just got done with it and you got yourself a good old hair cut..

Or if half the time you don’t even know what your hair looks like thanks to the invention of those lovely or wild and torturous hair pieces..

Your not your hair
It doesn’t define you…

Hope I answered the question

Ps: I love you for reading


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  1. Oluchee

    Hehe i totally agree with what you said dearie. If you keep a low cut and you like it and though feel it shouldn’t define who you are, that’s fine and good

  2. Beaton

    I am not my hair too… but the last time I sat in a barber’s chair was in November. I walked into barbershop cool as you like and said:
    “Shave it all off”
    “Are you sure?” He asked me, clearly perturbed by the request.
    “Yes” I affirmed
    “All of it?” He asked
    “Yes” I said again.
    “All of it?” He asked confirmed
    “Yes, my beard, shave it all off”
    He burst out laughing and said “Rasta you had me worried there…”


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