The Age Old Question

Two questions down, 8 to go..
What did I sign up for?
Although when I was answering question two I may have gotten carried away with presidential debate things but who wasn’t?
I mean nations have held these shenanigans since the 60s and we in the Pearl of Africa just had our first one.
It’s safe to say we are right in the middle of history people.

My point?
Please I beseech thee to look beyond my attempt at political analysis, and read my answer to whether I would choose being a stay home  or a career woman right hear

Now onto today’s delightful question.

What is love to you?

Good question.. One that has no definite single answer..
It’s the age old question that people have been circling for as long as I can remember..

Weirdly  know one seems to get it right
So ya?  What is love to me?

God is love( Am wearing my preacher hat for this one)
The good book says that whoever doesn’t love ,doesn’t know God because God is love.. (1 John 4:8)

You see that’s the most non-confusing,   never changing truth about love.
God’s expression of love was and still is Christ..

Am not being theological, am saying that none of us can truly experience love in all its versatility and awesomeness until we experience the unfathomable, unchangeable & unconditional love of God.

Love is not a feeling that your going to feel a feeling you have never felt before.

It’s not the tingly feeling in your stomach when he/she looks at you.

It’s not the the fairy tale where girl meets boy and they live happily ever after in a castle

It’s not sex

It’s not a picture of a guy holding a girl’s hand and they are taking walk on the beach..

Its not a lot of things but maybe all those things depending on the context can be an expression of love..

Love is the knowledge that you are wanted,  treasured and hand picked by the most High God..

And once that knowledge is well pasted  on your heart, expressing it to anyone 1Corinthians 13 style is very effortless..

Love is a choice…

Patience, kindness, tolerance,  humility, not keeping a record of wrong , selflessness and the rest of those become a lifestyle..

Love never fails, if it fails then it is not love because well God never fails..

PS: I love you for reading


    1. Post

      Love is a God thing
      He orchestrated it and expressed it in the best of choices
      I don’t know what the ungodly experience but it may seem like love but am sure it isn’t..

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          1. Kunsa

            Olivia Pope in reverse! Heheh.
            I am not complaining. You should return to campus. Afoyorwoth is giving attendance marks. Hehe

    1. Post

      Hehe but Joel Jjemba..
      I think love is a constant
      However at times you may not like the person the love..
      The feelings are what flactuate from time to time…
      Which is why love is not a feeling

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