Question Number 2

The commitment to answer a question yesterday got over run by the 1st ever presidential debate right here in the pearl of Africa and was it fun or what?

Right now am trying really hard not to make this about the debate where by the way I learnt some profound lessons.

1. President Museveni doesn’t give a damn about all you urbanites and your version of democracy..
He is not debating with the rest of you folks who think he needs to retire.
He is too busy campaigning in a place where after 30 years people neither have a television nor care who Allan Kasujja is.
Actually they are the ones who vote.
He is like..

And what are you gonna do about it


There is the face of Mr Clueless

Mabirizi is just the best. He taught me that you don’t have to know sh*t to run for president in this country.
Who vets these people? How in the name of everything that is good did he end up here?
He could have been in his own version of Fun Factory at this point
But he gets an A for effort and for being a part of history..
He took a plunge.. He may have hit his head but hey he showed up.

Yes that's about right

3. Don’t trust Amama Mbabazi.. This guy’s arrogance is almost attractive.
I kept waiting for a single moment when he would take one chance to own up to his reign of terror and corruption, before he turned into a woman scorned and nothing.
He dodged the tough questions and even asked tougher questions..
His answer to whether he supports gay people was somewhere in the region of if you think think am gay, feel free to come and take it for a spin…

He got no shame, no remorse and lots of arrogance

4. You have to hand it to a general who uses sports metaphors..  General  Biraro taught me that presidential debate or not always carry your sense of humor

There is more where that came from

5. The judiciary should hire Professor Venasius Baryamureeba.
I know for a fact that court registries are rotting with decades worth of files.

Wouldn’t it be nice to put “Mr I am a professor of IT” on it..
God knows my job would be way easier if  every court file was a click away.  .
He could even create an app for it.

I trust him to make my job easy but not to be my president

6. When your the only lady in a battlefield with men, the best strategy  is to completely go off script, come armed with your answers and deliberately disregard the questions.

She did a pretty good job of telling us what she stands for..
Who cares about oil and policy when the grass is greener on one side of the Nile right? ( Some one hand this girl a seat in parliament for the Eastern region already)

She was on fire

7. Dr Kizza Besigye’s entire manifesto might as well be named “The Museveni Hate Speech”
I mean he just can’t help  himself but point out what’s wrong with this government
Which makes me wonder, has he been too busy finding out what’s wrong that he has had no time to manufacture great ideas? ( A lot of people have criticised him for being weak on matters of policy but then again doesn’t he have a point?)

His solemn promise is to make us all in Uganda walk with swagger

8. Dr.  Abed Bwanika takes all.  He slayed that debate.  He did his homework and proved that he knows his stuff.
He was eloquent, smart and answered every question without a shade of ambiguity.
The rest of the bunch sure can pick a leaf or better still uproot the whole tree.
He was amazing and my absolute favorite
If president’s were determined by debates then ladies and gentlemen I present to you His Excellency Dr Abed Bwanika.

As of last night, that's my president

On a completely unrelated note I have a question to answer  from which is
“Stay home mum or career woman? “

The career shall definitely be pursued from every angle.
Because its the reason I pump my head with all kinds of laws and all other related matters everyday regardless of the weather, mood or amounts of sleep.

Because my kids need to know that being a great mother doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your dreams.

Because there is too much the world has to offer beyond the matrimonial home.

Because I don’t want to wake up somewhere in my forties and realise that my life passed me by..

Because every woman is so much more than the name by her Mrs and the children she bears.

Because it’s not the 70s anymore and so we don’t roll like that.

Because some one is going to get themselves in lots of trouble some day and am going to have the absolute sheer joy of getting them out of jail.

Because all those amazing suits, bags and heels aren’t going to wear/carry themselves..

Because I can…

Because Mother Dearest was not a stay home mum, and I don’t know if you have met me but I turned out pretty awesome …

PS: I love you for reading


    1. Post

      Hehehe thank you Joel Jjemba
      So am a mind reader?
      Told you I turned out pretty awesome
      Cut a girl some slack on the questions she has presidential debate hungover
      But I got you… :mrgreen:

  1. Achola_luvliz

    You tried not to make this about the debate but according to me u did anyway… Moving to the career or stay home mama topic, unless my husband is e president of United States which is obviously unlikely to happen, I gotta be a career woman in all ways possible, as komkom says, because I can… I mean what happens (God forbid) when 8 years from now am married and my husband turns turns out to be a douchebag who can’t put bread on the table huh? Lemme answer that, I will be smitten and miserable especially if I gat no job of my own so my main reason for fighting for my career is for my kids because I want them to grow up proud that am their mother…. And that will happen if my husband and I work together to make them happy and also because I can…. **Let’s drink to that komkom **

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  2. Kunsa

    You forgot 1 ka reason… The Kunsa For President Campaign shall need ‘A kick ass’ Legal advisor. Hehehe.

    “Carefully thought Powerfully written” Great work Komusana.

    1. Post

      Ooh Kunsa thank you..
      Your going to teach them how presidential debates are done..
      “Carefully Thought and Powerfully Written” are my new favorite words..
      I salute you in advance Mr President

  3. AtimMercy

    Here’s to all the career women 🍸🍸🍸. Ever since I was old enough to imagine what my future wd look like, lol, I have always imagined myself in offices, wearing the badass suits and badass heels, and going for all these meetings and so on and so on. Not waking up to prep pple for school, cooking meals, cleaning house, watching TV and repeat.. etc etc.
    And you are right.
    All the sleepless nights and huge books should amount to something..

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