It’s a Wrap

Hey how are you doing?

Since it’s a wrap for 2015, naturally sentiments are running high and for those of us who are  self-proclaimed writers there is a desire to scribble a thing or two before fireworks go up.

Everything I have wanted to write came off a tad bit cliche end of year yada yada & yet I am on a quest to be all cool, which explains why for Christmas I just reblogged from It was a pretty good read which brought some real much needed Christmas perspective I hope you read it.:D

So end of year huh? First things first I hope your Christmas was as much of a blast as mine. My legs are still recovering from all the dancing and my digestive system from all the exorbitant amounts of food while my brain is busy crafting a sound explanation to mother dearest for skipping curfew 3 nights in a row….( that sounds like work that may shift into the new year)

This year I read more, not the law books to which I have a solemn obligation to, but things with a less legal inclination especially other people’s blogs. It made me realize that the best part of doing this is reading other people’s work. It’s a real honor to learn from just people’s thoughts. So in the spirit of all things educational here are my top lessons from 2015

  1. Pearl of a Africa things

I came across, it’s a blog about a campaign by Ugandans for Uganda. The spirit of the campaign is to emphasize the Uganda we know and love one amazingly captured picture at a time. I learnt from these kafundakreative ( yes that’s what they call themselves) people that beneath the load shedding, a tired education system,  police officers whose job description entails undressing & publically humiliating women, a failed healthcare system, cringeworthy policies, ministries that are on a snooze- fest and gutless lawmakers, lies a Uganda that is beautiful and unique to Uganda.

From simple things like a vibrant night -life,people having favorite  boda and rolex guys and kadongo kamu to nature’s bounty ,to food and culture, koikoiug gave me things to think about, things to be mad about (in a ‘why-didn’t-I -come-up-with-this’ )kind and of way and things to learn. I learnt that you don’t have to be amused when the 100th corruption scandal in a month  is mentioned ,but you can celebrate the parts of Uganda you love , those you want Uganda depicted as, aside from that, koikoiug teaches that being local is the new cool.( Someone should have told me that in my Nabisunsa days)

2. Growing up is not as fancy as the adults made it seem when I was young.

I had an opportunity to work this year. Partly because mother dearest made me & partly because I was on a mission to overcome comfort zone syndrome. Between the routine,the deadlines,the incredibly  boring meetings, and having no say as to whether you travel to Ibanda or not among other occupational hazards like a few ‘ gentlemen ‘ preferring a conversation with your body parts  other than your brain ,I learnt that I should be young longer because growing up is a trap.

3. We are all better off with a daily dose of gratitude.

My friends Mercy and Hope made me blog seven days in a row about things I am grateful for and I discovered during and after the challenge that whining and complaining drains and sucks the life out of anyone who goes down that road and my life has not been the same since. ( in a dramatic voice)

4. I love Uganda’s music probably more than I        have cared to admit.

Maybe because of how Sam Kimera soothingly and with sound conviction  lays down the lyrics of “Slow Down” like its the  gospel, or how Abaasa’s ” Rukungiri Mixtape” restores my faith in the existence of greatness or how MoRoots  Christmas song is the best thing I have ever heard,or because I can’t explain why I can’t get Goodlyfe’s ” Neera” out of my head, ( all recommendations from , me to you to put your data to good use and take a listen at the and thank me later) the truth is I have a genuine love for this our home grown music.

5.  There is still a lot of good to go around.

Paris attacks and the racial discrimination accusations that followed aside, Burundi crisis and everything else that could have gone South for you or someone you know courtsey of someone terrible also aside, goodness really does exist.

Just the other day I was reading from, a Kenyan blogger who with millions of people raised 6millon KShs to assist a 22 year old student battling brain cancer. It reminded me of NTV Uganda’s drive this year to save Rosemary who although didn’t survive received overwhelming support from people. Then there is Jajja Flora and her big heart to create a home for children, then these 40_40 guys ( all I know is they do good work), I could go on but you get the point. Goodness is very much alive among us.

Clearly it’s been an educational 12months for me I hope it has been for you too and feel free to let me in on those lessons..

At this point it’s the right thing to wish you an election violence free 2016 & hope you found something merry about the 25th of December + I love you for reading

ps: My occasional best friend Richard was complaining that I never mention him on  my blog so Richard, there you go…



  1. murorwa

    I love this. Your blogs have been amazing this year. You almost got me writing then I slept off again to my chill zone… So I will keep here watching and cheering you on!

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  2. Joel Jemba

    First; Thank you for the re-blog, the read and the endorsement of my blog “The Best Christmas Gift” much appreciated. secondly this is a natural piece, this is you having a conversation with your audience and it a rare strategy in blogging though very awesome. keep this stuff coming through.
    all the wishes you wished for your readers thank you, may you as well experience them.
    wait, did I tell you I was part of KoiKoi UG thing? actually I am still part. okay bye

    1. Post

      Ooh you are? Wow, you koikoiug people are greatness it’self I have no idea how to express it except to keep saying it & to tell everyone about you it
      Man you gave me an attitude make over
      That said thank you for reading and for appreciating….
      I live for those compliment things
      And for noticing my effort to have a conversation of sorts that just makes you my true Ninja because that’s always the plan

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  3. prima Karungi

    Everytime i read ur blog i feel like creating my own, i love you for writing, am also grateful for my boxing day, it was a blast thanx to you for the directions and the company. Happy peaceful 2016.

    1. Post

      You should create your own totally..
      Yes the 26th was a fun am still paying for it.
      We should get you well acquainted with this land of milk & honey a.k.a Fort Portal..
      Pay me for my tour guidance 😊

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  4. Sandra Nam

    of course you are the reason I never consider bloging or writing save for the compulsory economics and accounts. ha-ha ha so awesome and natural you are.was thinking about you today.How about we consider writing a book as a 2016 faith ambition.

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  5. kiirabry

    so nyabo…now that I know you live for ‘those things, ‘ and I of late being more often than not, in the non conformist mode…plus your blogging being an incessant and painful reminder of my 2015 failures, I will say I dont LIKE the way you make this blogging thingee seem so easy. There! Now lets see how your creative mind will recover from that to keep haunting me.
    Happy new year.

    1. Post

      Brian I have been trying to find out the meanings of those complicated terms therein but I have failed.
      So I will just take the compliment and run. Thank you

  6. Joel Basoga

    his blog post is well written. I agree with you on the concept of gratitude. For me, this year has been all about that.
    It has always been a pleasure reading your posts and for whatever its worth, you have been my fav blogger for 2015.

    Happy 2016 Komusana. I celebrate you

    1. Post

      Thank you Joel .
      You know I kinda sorta idolise you so it’s voluminous that you take the time to read.
      I appreciate the support Happy New Year

  7. AtimMercy

    Hey.. I nominated you for the sisterhood blog Award. More details are on the latest post on my blog.
    I will be so thrilled to read your response!.
    However, participation is optional.

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