7 Days of Gratitude (Day 7- A Personal God)

Its the last day of this epic gratitude week and am so excited to have pulled it off. It’s close to a miracle that I beat my blogger laziness and took on this very worthy challenge. Iam grateful for my friends Mercy and Hope who inspired and took on the challenge with me. They are the kind of people our parents meant we be friends with when they were lecturing us about, the dangers of peer pressure.
Somewhere within the week I felt like I was running out of what to write then I reminded myself that this was not about gratitude for just the big stuff but also & especially the little ones. Most of my week dwelt on those little things. Today being the last day however, I want to go out with a bang and be grateful for God.
I used to find it very weird when every time a friend of mine was asked to give a testimony he would say, ” I thank God for God” but I am older and wiser so I know what exactly he meant.
Yesterday I had conversation about something I am going to call ” Christian Bubbles”. It is those theatrics we are so accustomed to as Christians, the gimmicks we have perfected through years of practice & the all so pretentious words and actions we front when the rest of the fraternity is watching.
Wait this is supposed to be about gratitude so on with it. I discovered that we can get so caught up on doing what is rehearsed and recited as christians and miss out on a ‘personal’ God. This is why today Iam thanking God for God who has taught me that a place in my heart is all He cares about and the ultimate perks that comes with.
More on the subject of bubbles at a later date because going that direction would take me from the ‘mulamwa’ of gratitude.
Also I am thank ful for having written 7 posts in 7 days- it is has been worth every ounce of time.
My friends blogs are atimmercy.wordpress.com and
hopejakisa.wordpress. com
Enjoy finding out how their gratitude week has been.


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