7 Days of Gratitude- Day 6 ( My Day)

Day 6 wooooo
Its truly amazing that  Am pulling this off.. It makes me wonder if I have been going about my life all wrong ( I mean an extra dose of determination could do life changing things)
Today Iam grateful for the day I had..It has been epic hanging out with Peggy ( my friend who hates the word epic).
First of all UCU and it’s ever so amazing community spirit had a cultural gala, which means for the first time since never we didn’t have classes on Saturday ( now that’s a real day starter).
Not that I don’t appreciate the wonders of our diverse culture, I am just a-take-your-only-free-saturday-and-run kind of girl.
So I  first enjoyed the brilliance of Shonda Rhimes’ brain with a scandal and how-to get-away-with-murder marathon the entire night, slept through the morning and stepped into the not-so-potholly- anymore Kampala city.
The plan was to go to church for a meeting, meet Peggy for icecream, and then head back to my course work-filled life, but that plan changed in the most amazing way.
So today Iam grateful that I did restaurant hopping.. ( its pretty trivial) but I have always wanted to try it. Literally moving from one restaurant to another.( I said I would be grateful for my appetite at some point this week. This is the point)
The highlight being The Sound Cup which is a place everyone should try at least once in their lifetime not for anything except it’s overpowering authenticity. We could all use some original.
I am so grateful today because I didn’t just spend the day with my friend who is too awesome that words be inadequate but also that I have the luxury of restaurant hopping.
That’s it.

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