7 Days of Gratitude- Day 5 (Grateful for the Nasty)

The other day I was thinking about what it is really that God has called me to do with my life. I hope you know that for every life God has placed a purpose, assignment and calling. ( That’s a whole post for not today) So as I took a trip down ‘ me lane,’ I couldn’t help but notice that I have been a church girl all my life, which is a fancy phrase for I was pretty much shielded from nasty life choices except for the nasty things that chose me.
That not so nice stuff that found its way to my life is what Iam grateful for today because its those things that taught me almost everything I know.
1. I am grateful for the experience of growing up fatherless for the most part, because it opened my heart to experience the love of
God unsparingly.

2. I am grateful for the times money was an issue because it taught me that the world doesn’t always rotate around those multicolored notes.

3. I am grateful because I had to share a room with all my sisters because we created a bond that is an breakable when we stayed up talking.

4. I am grateful because my school holidays were a time I would go help mother dearest to run the business because those are skills no school can ever teach me…

5. I am grateful because none of the nasty works against me because God causes all things to work together for my good

PS:- This is not where I saw this going..


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