7 Days of Gratitude (Day 4- Clueless)

What can I say I have writer’s block!! Yes it’s a real thing but it also is an excuse for writer’s to let their brains accumulate some real cobwebs as their ideas gather dust.
So today I woke up to a dead phone & a part of me was like well if I don’t blog today it’s not on me.
However, 10hours and 20k later, the carrier of the WordPress app is up and running  and I have an obligation to follow through on my commitment to gratitude.
Truth is today I have no idea where this is taking us, I will say this though Iam grateful for gratitude.
Today in the wake of a dead phone I made a decision to have a good phone-less day. Like most people I love to keep my phone as close to my fingers as possible but also I know of the catastrophic effects of living my life on the said electronic device.
I am very grateful I had the opportunity to have real conversations without checking the next watsapp notification, or tweet or those instagram things and  for that extra attention I paid in class.
Iam grateful for this gratitude week because the attitude towards frustrating things like dead phone over here  is definately to die for.
Like I said I have writer’s block, which really means I have no clue what this post has culminated into, All I know is I am grateful.


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