7 Days of Gratitude- Day 3 (A Whole Lot)

Today my victory dance for kicking some International Law test ‘butt’ was interrupted by my ever so cool tutor, who told me that I come off very complacent. Ouch! In my head having 22/25 (yes that is me gloating) was supposed to get me nothing less than a nod of approval but nope. It bothered me for about a second and then I thought about it, asked a few friends who unpleasantly surprised me by agreeing with said tutor and I was like you know what? Maybe there is a point to all this. The truth is I am grateful for a bit of criticism even when it sucks to hear, whether its coming from a genuine place or a vindictive one, eventually it just gets me thinking about me and maybe what I can do better. And that for me is always welcome challenge

As I wondered if I should dedicate this entire post to good old criticism and its perks I also noticed that as much as I would love to, there is a whole host of tiny amazing things I want to be grateful for..

  1. A little amazing human being  fondly referred to as Dear a.k.a Sugar Baby. Also who happens to be my sister. You will be reading a really long post if I have to be thankful for her in her entirety but just for purposes of today, I am grateful for her immense cheerleader skills.I wake up everyday knowing I have assured support regardless of the kind of day its going to be.
  2. Good music. What would the world be like without good music? Whichever brain came up with my past, present and future favorite songs, needs to know that I am grateful. I think that music is one of the best creations of the human mind/soul. A good song/ concert any day is better than anything. ( As much as I would love to go on about my gratitude for music, I find I have an inadequacy of the musical vocabulary, so I just hope you get the point.)
  3. Mirrors. I am not “the- get- stuck- in- the- mirror- till- you- miss- the- party” type of girl but I do love those reflection equipments, because we all can relate to a lousy outfit the mirror saved us from, or a piece of food it showed us to get rid of, moments before we flashed anyone what wouldn’t have been so much of a killer smile.(Anyone?) Also those of you obsessed with selfies you need to pay tribute to these amazing apparatus because from what I hear they play a vital role in helping  you come up with what someone called; ‘the- perfect- duck- face”

That’s all the gratitude I can master for Day 3…please feel free to add to the list.


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