7 Days of Gratitude- Day 2 “NO”

Today is just day two of gratitude and I am already feeling way in over my head. Not that in  an “I am- already-out- of-things -to -be grateful -for” kind of way but in an ” I am- so- glad- writing- is -not- my job- kind- of- way”, so there you go the first thing  I am thankful for today is that this is just a hobby.

Enough whining, sometime I had written or thought I had written because I cant find the draft, something about “The art of the “NO”, and I had to stop along the way because inspiration ran out and I was stuck which happens a lot and I abandoned the project.( Yes It was a whole project, with research and stuff), then today while I was lazying around during the day  I remembered that I had to have something written today just around the same time , a tabloid story about someone I know broke- its scandalous enough for the small world I live in. Right there I realized that today I am grateful for the, existence and invention of the word “NO”. Random? maybe but like I mentioned this whole gratitude journey is going to take me places.

During one of those days that I find myself burning too many brain cells by staying on the Internet, I landed on an article, titled; “Life Lessons Before 25”   (oh yes there is such a thing), the lessons were plenty some better than others so I picked a favorite which was, “NO is a complete sentence that requires no explanation” .I am one of those people to whom saying no comes very easy and I don’t even go away feeling like I am going to go to hell or whatever tool of emotional blackmail one may employ to get me to budge.. not even karma threats.  Despite my unapologetic ‘no” I have realized that most people never really expect us to say no, which is weird because my guess is that the word should have been invented for a good reason besides, occupying a bit of space in the dictionary, or providing a viable opponent to yes, but then again being a judge of the Queen’s language is not on the list of my credentials.

So why Am I grateful for the “NO”, I am not sure I had thought about it this far but it has landed me on the bright side of life, for the most part and also saved me a whole lot of heart ache. I sleep better at night because I was kind enough to my self to say no to some offers, also it has made an honest woman out of me , for the most part.

Wait I said something about a scandalous-ish tabloid , story, truth is it just got  me thinking about the “no” the rest of it is just stuff that has nothing to do with gratitude.



  1. dorothy

    ok now I understand y GOD brings pipo our way as friends, may be because we belong to da same world. yes as a matter of fact I love this world. guess wat!!!! I already feel part of it before I even know wat it is. I lov this komusana my frd en am one of those gals who won’t hesitate to say no to crap they don’t want. being Dorothy am not sorry for that.

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