7 Days of Gratitude- Day One ( A different Set of Eyes)

Yesterday I was reading one of the many stories of couples about their wedding and how the whole function went down, in one of those Sunday newspaper magazines. Honestly  I hardly ever pay attention to what am reading in a newspaper on Sunday unless its Ernest Bazanye or Timothy Bunkumuhe related (if you don’t know who those are, Am judging you), because lets face it, the only reason I am holding any newspaper on Sunday is because Sunday afternoon television can be super boring (at least the channels paid for in my house), so I make my mother proud and move ‘reading a newspaper’ on top of “my favorite things to do” list.

The point if any is, I actually learn’t something while reading as I realized that while the wife seemed to think that the wedding was perfect, the husband not so much. He said that he had a load of disappointments from what was meant to be the best day of his life. From a last minute cancellation by the best man to an uncoordinated wedding committee, to something about shoes or whatever, he relentlessly chose to answer the editor’s questions by focusing on what went wrong.

Since I have never organized or gone through the sacred ceremony of marriage I am refraining from judging this disgruntled groom because what could I possibly know?  Therefore am going to focus on the fact that his wife had/has a different set of eyes. Andrew Wommack says that in life we can choose to always look at the glass as either half empty or half full. Simply put we can choose to either focus on the things that are missing in our lives (believe me there will always be something), or on the plenty of things that are in it.

Following a conversation with my fave blog buddy Mercy, of https://atimmercy.wordpress.com/, she challenged my lazy blogger skills to something we are calling “7 DAYS OF GRATITUDE”. The spirit of the challenge (oh ya there  is a spirit) is that for the next 7 days we find something we are grateful for everyday and write about it so that we  can learn to focus on the right things and hopefully inspire someone or two to do the same. Personally I intend to savor every minute of this challenge,I may even write about my thankfulness for simple things like shoes and lipstick  (especially the red) or huge things like God and family or random things like appetite, all I know is that by the end of the week I will have found enough to give me an attitude makeover.

This week am taking a journey ( thats my way of making this seem deep), to find a whole different set of eyes, grateful ones. If your reading I hope you get inspired to do the same. And you know what i would appreciate? Letting me know what your grateful for, because as it turns out, today I am grateful for YOU who takes the time to read, my highly unqualified opinion about things a.k.a my blog.


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  2. AtimMercy

    Komusana with the words… Lovely post hunnay.. You are right “journey” makes this whole thing cooler than it is.😁. Can’t wait for your 6 other days…

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