God Is Not Our Deliveryman

I have been on a writing rumble. (Iam sure there is no such thing) I will go ahead and explain what I mean anyway.There has been an overwhelming increase in the amount or the sources of inspiration to write. The only issue is that I seem to have given my vocabulary away to charity because the English language has proved insufficient to even get me through a single post. Many were started but none got the publisher’s nod.
That said my life has also taken a turn for the responsible adult in the recent past. I find myself in working adult mode most of my days hence a more decent excuse not to carry out my writing obligations,  because mother dearest took matters into her own hands. She was secretly sick of me languishing in her chairs, watching TV she has paid for that she got me internship placement and before you ask saying no to her is unheard of.
So I find myself getting up bright and early everyday to go to an office which ends with the words….& Company Advocates.
By the way this is not me complaining because I love my job, it gives me a certain kind of independence being a last born had never allowed me to have.
Plus once in a while it gives me an opportunity to help someone and that does a lot for my “Iam an amazing person streak”.. ( Just when I thought it was about helping the person). Its very rewarding my job and the icing on the cake it pays so you can go ahead and say “Happy independence to me”.
Everything you just read is not half what this post is about but like I said there are lots of kinks in my vocabulary supply and Iam working them out.
Its been a while since I have had a wholesome church attendance experience and it hasnt been for lack of showing up on my part.
One of the perks of being my mother’s child living under her roof is that Sunday means wearing your
respect dress and finding your way to a building where the name of Jesus is going to be talked about unless otherwise instructed.
So church service attendance has been religiously on my radar without yielding much to my spirit until today.
Today I went to what is fast becoming my favorite church( yes you can have a favorite church) and I may as well go ahead and say the service was tailor made for me.
We sang one song for close to 30 minutes and it didn’t get old or boring. It was authentic every time. There was an inclination to just keep going, a presence that required attention not to shift and a sway that kept resonating with my heart or should I say our hearts.
Lots of things stood out for me but some more than others.There was a line somewhere between all the awesome stuff they preached about that God is not our deliveryman.
The truth is whenever we catch ourselves treading along lines of anxiety about anything going on in our lives, the only reason is that we have an erroneous/ defective understanding of who God is. ( I may have quoted the pastor word for word.)
Now I couldn’t purport to know how huge or intimidating stuff people have to deal with , but if today’s sermon taught me anything, it is that its not okay to be anxious or scared because it is giving yourself too much credit.
In essence there is no amount of fear, prayer, fasting or somersaulting that can make God answer you faster. Why? Because He is a lot of things but deliveryman is not one of them. God’ s desire is for us to have knowledge not just the head knowledge but a deeply rooted conviction that He loves us so much that He wouldn’t dare withhold anything from us unless He is willing to withhold it from Christ.
Its really not about any theatrical show, our lives are not as seen on TV, they are an alignment of all things pre- planned to work together for our good.
We have an abundant source of whatever we will ever need and physical things have never been evidence of that source because that source requires no validation.
Now for purposes of clarity, God does deliver but not because we put an award winning worship show or spent 40 days in the wilderness. The currency is faith. Not faith the work,( that is you trying so hard to believe in your head that you get a headache or what people call being unrealistic),  faith the knowledge of who God is. That His loving-kindness is better than life.
Any now Iam really out of words my point is God is not our deliveryman I hope you caught it.
That’s it!!


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    Every time I read your blogs I have to smile because you are such an intriguing writer. I had a sharing about this week but for sure Faith is amazing. Faith connects us to God!

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