Is it just me?

This post is unsually short because I had 0 intention of blogging today but it just happened to me.The reason I actually love Sunday television is that is its a class apart. (My knowledge of constitutional law is yelling at me to say its sui generis). For those of you that have made a habit of forgetting your way to church every Sunday you can relate. I don’t know what your reasons are but for me its because Saturday evening is a better fit for service time which is why Watoto church is just the best for making it happen.
So Sunday morning I get up & hold the TV remote and indulge in a range of music,sermons & stories all some how finding a connection to Jesus.
Who am I kidding I flip for a second or two at other stations then back to NTV-GXP especially when DJ Twonjex starts spinning…and ya I may also be abit obsessed with with David Oguttu (it has every thing to do with his blog) point is Sunday Television is different.
That said I have also observed a few things but then again it may just be me.

Most Ugandan musicians should probably quit singingĀ  in the queen’s language (Their own songs I mean)
One of my literature teachers (teacher of literature what’s the difference?) used to say that we should make sure all the ts are crossed and i(s) dotted a thing my sister reminded me of.Back to the point its painful to hear someone try to cross every t and dot every i in a song..Music sounds like music when its authentic. Maybe am just on a rant but I also did say most so those who must should.


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